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Sunday, January 31, 2016

More nonsense from Anonymous and my response

You say: "All the jewels on land and sea, all SGI's riches, can not match the fortune of possessing this Gohonzon." What utter nonsense. All Gohonzons are merely pieces of paper and have no intrinsic value, and certainly no supernatural power, which is what you seem to be claiming. Gohonzons are simply mirrors for observing our lives, but even without a Gohonzon, one can manifest Buddhahood simply by chanting NMRK anywhere. If that is not true, then Nichiren lied.
Reply: No Anonymous. Nichiren didn't lie. You misunderstand Ichinen Sanzen and his teachings on self and "other power". Besides, I never made a distinction between internal and external Gohonzon. I refer you to the following argument:

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