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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's teleprompter guidance by Akemie Bailey-Hiney

The core of SGI cult propaganda begins at 25:00...

Our spiritual compass is not the Law, not the Gohonzon, not the Lotus Sutra, not Shakamuni Buddha nor Nichiren Daishonin..."our spiritual compass is our relationship with Sensei."


  1. Mark that's shocking, thanks for pointing it out. It's SGI double speak isn't it, people are being taught (now) by the 'mentor' that through their "personal relationship" with the 'mentor' (whatever that means for the vast majority of people who have never nor will ever meet the man, let alone do so in a way that they could make such a relationship), they can employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra. Hmm, and yet the strategy of the Lotus Sutra is simply to have correct faith in the Sutra and carry out its teachings to the very best of one's ability. Am I missing something here? I can't actually see where the mentor comes into the strategy of the Lotus Sutra at all beyond perhaps teaching there is one and pointing people to the relevant Gosho quote. Maybe it's my lack of faith... perhaps I need to chant 27 million Daimoku and study the Human Revolution/New Human Revolution for the next 5 years...lool. But seriously, there are good points in the broadcast, aren't there? It all came from the heart, no trace of reading from a script at all...

    What I don't get with this, is how people can seriously entertain this mentor-disciple relationship, which is already fraught with contradictory messages from the mentor. In 1979 he was teaching that the Law, Daimoku and correct faith in Gohonzon was the spiritual compass and that a strong, unified SGI came from putting that into practice. Now he is teaching something different, it's all "me,me,me". So which set of messages should disciples act on?

    Oh yeah, that's right, they've pulled the earlier lectures from the SGI book stores now... we wouldn't want to 'confuse' 'members' now would we..."it never happened"..."what earlier lectures?"..."Oh those"..."well he said that but he really meant this"..."he was being oppressed by the priesthood at the time"..."he had to say it"..."with the courage of an indomitable lion roaring"..."expedient means for the sake of worldwide Kosen rufu..." (is there any other kind of widespread propagation?)

    Crazy...but some people lap it up, unfortunately.

  2. Good points. As far as Bailey-Hainey making some good points, Nichiren talks about "the danger of mixing". This is a perfect example.