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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nichiren Shu's [and SGI's] false portrayal of Nichiren

Rev. Ryuei asserts that Nichiren Daishonin was a “Confucian Gentleman” who was a proponent of interfaith [rather than a lion of break and subdue practice]. Contrary to this false image of Nichiren, we can see the true Nichiren through his teachings:

“The Dharma Teacher Chih-i said: “The Lotus Sutra itself says, ‘among the sutras, it holds the highest place.’ It also says, ‘Among the sutras I [Shakyamuni] have preached, now preach, and will preach, this Lotus Sutra is the most difficult to believe and the most difficult to understand.’ The Immeasurable Meanings Sutra makes clear that the sutras the Buddha already ‘has preached’ here refer to ‘the teaching of great wisdom and the Flower Garland teaching of the ocean-imprint meditation’ and so forth. And with regard to the sutras he ‘will preach,’ the Nirvana Sutra says, ‘. . . from the prajna-paramita (the teachings of the perfection of wisdom) he brought forth the Nirvana Sutra.’ These scriptural passages show that the Lotus Sutra is superior to the Flower Garland and Nirvana sutras; they make it abundantly clear, clear as could possibly be. You should understand accordingly.

Rebuked in this manner, some of his opponents simply shut their mouths, others spewed out abuse, while still others turned pale. The Ch’en ruler then rose from his seat and bowed three times, and all the hundred officials pressed their palms together in reverence. Powerless to prevail, the leaders of the other schools conceded defeat. Thus it was established that the Lotus Sutra holds the highest place among the teachings of the Buddha’s lifetime.”

Further along in this treatise, we read…

“So long as the people truly did not know of this statement, it seems that the false interpretations of the teachers I mentioned spread without anyone incurring retribution. But once a person of forceful character has come forward to make this sutra passage known in a bold and uncompromising fashion, then grave matters are certain to occur. Because people have looked down on this person and cursed him, struck him, sent him into exile, or attempted to take his life, Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings have risen up in anger and become that votary’s allies. Thus unexpected censures have come down from heaven, and the people are about to be wiped out and the nation destroyed.

Though the votary of the Lotus Sutra may be of humble background, the heavenly deities who protect him are fearsome indeed. If an asura tries to swallow the sun or moon, its head will split into seven pieces. If a dog barks at a lion, its bowels will rot. And as I view the situation today, the same sort of retribution is happening here in Japan.”

Ryuei and the not-Nichiren Shu make Nichiren Daishonin into a passive milk toast of interfaith. Instead of these false priests becoming images of Nichiren they make Nichiren into their image. Who is he kidding and what is Ryuei's and the Nichiren Shu’s true agenda?

There are Nichiren Shu members who have been taught mistaken doctrines by their priests who themselves are mistaken and there are other Nichiren Shu members who really don’t like Nichiren Daishonin. To placate these slanderers or worms in the body of the lion, the priests themselves have become parasites.

They are not different than the SGI… Give the people what they want not what is good for them [correct and accurate teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin]. "Good medicine tastes bitter and moxacautery cures a cold." Instead, Ryuei and the not-Nichiren Shu gives the people sugar water or Shirley Temples instead of the medicine of immortality. How sad! How pitiful!

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