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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Soka Gakkai where lying isn't lying and where stupidity is rampant

Angela: ... Are we moving away from not considering the Dai-Gohonzon special because the priesthood is holding it for themselves, and we don't have access to it or because it was never special in the first place?...

Dave: It was never special in the first place.

"...If it was never special in the first place, why were all those NSA members giving their hard earned money away to build the Sho Hondo?.."

Because NSA supported the Nichiren Shoshu Priests and never questioned their doctrines publicly. Actually, the sincere efforts of NSA members to construct the High Sanctuary were not and never will have been in vain. It represents the true acceptance of the Daishonin's vow for worldwide propagation. The priest's self-serving inventions are secondary.

"...Why were we encouraged to go on tozan as much as possible for all those years? I went on tozan 3 times. Now I chant to its smaller version everyday."

Because, once again, we fully supported NST doctrines. Understandable at the time.

"...You're saying that everything we were told about the Dai Gohonzon is a lie means that everything NSA members were told about the Dai Gohonzon, all those years ago, was a lie also..And, that they built the Shohondo for nothing. Objects don't have power one day and not the next..."

The NSA leaders were NOT lying...they were supporting NST doctrine. Yes, we built the Sho Hondo for nothing, and objects DO NOT have power any day!

It is the meaning of the document as realized by the person in front of it that has power. The externalization of the Gohonzon is just wrong.

This is the most valuable lesson the SGI has ever experienced. We now understand never to seek this Gohonzon outside ourselves. Our eternal and absolute separation from the Priesthood marks the beginning of a truly radical philosophy. Forget the magic wooden Gohonzon!

I am a supporter of the SGI who resolutely rejects NST mythology. I exist to help expedite our extraction from this mythology.

A careful read of reform Priest Matsuoka's essays will clarify the facts.

There is nothing in our conduct until now that indicates any "lying" on our part. Our conduct in the future, however, depends on our willingness to tell the truth a way which need not derail the faith of those with attachments to old teachings. -- David lies

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