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Friday, January 1, 2016

The correct teachings will be lost if SGI continues on their scurrilous path unchallenged

L: I respect your innate Buddha nature (which seems to be buried very deeply) under your veneer of anger and righteousness.  However, I leave it up to the universe to judge whether or not I am slandering you.  I believe that I am merely pointing out your extreme lack of humility, compassion and also noting that your mind has your life tied in knots.  Don't say that I didn't warn you, you cute little Buddha, you.
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Yesterday 11:25 PM

Les, all you are doing is cult "bull baiting". You are the one who is conflicted and don't even know it, a mind split into seven pieces, a mind having two differing thoughts. Also, it is apparent that you never really studied all those Nichiren books you claim to have studied. Sad. Very sad.
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Yesterday 11:56 PM

very presumptive on your part.  I just choose not to use the "words" to beat people up.  It is very interesting how sincerely seeking people can become so righteous and "holier than thou". And you are correct that I am challenging you and your cult.  It is kind of like Fidel Castro---he also acted like he had the people's interest in his heart---until he got a little power (like his own blog)---and then he became an oppressor (cult) just like the one's he tried to overthrow (refute).  If the mirror fits, wear it.  This is not a game of who is the bigger Sharihotsu---it is a game of who is deceiving himself the most.  To that end I say---hmm, let's wait and see the actual proof of it all.  I have all the time in the world.
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12:17 AM

I only beat people up [with words] who deserve to be beaten up, no different than the Master, Nichiren. Its as clear as a bright blue sky but your mind is so clouded by the SGI fog you can not see. Righteous and holier than though is the definition of the Gakkai. In psychology, that is known as transference, what you are is what you attribute to me and more cult bull baiting ["like Fidel Castro"]. Hehe, I thought he was your mentor's good friend. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember your sensei ever criticizing the Cuban dictator. Perhaps because he is a dictator himself? Anyway, to continue, like Nichiren said, I too am a person without power and I am not seeking power. I only seek to preserve the correct teachings which will be lost if SGI continues on their scurrilous path unchallenged. You had better play that game with yourself because you are the only one here deceiving himself. The actual proof is the Sutra, the teachings of Nichiren, and more important a bodily reading of the Sutra, encountering The Three Evil Enemies of which you are one.

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