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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Full Crazy

Woah there dude. Don't worry. I'm just an intern and this is only for a semester. It won't be the first time I've had to pretend to be something I'm not. That's just advertising if you strip it to its core elements.
Look, I'm not unconvinced that this thing is weird or anything. Far from it. I legitimately want nothing to do with that organization. But I can't just tell the guy that I'm depending on 40% of my grade from that I think he's a maniac, whose entire family is more devoted than a normal human should ever be, to what is essentially a random dude who they've never met.
To be honest though, I didn't get the full crazy blast till I went to his parent's house over the New year. They played the official CDs at least three times over three days. Which is probably weird even when you're just trying to figure out what is being said. But is especially weird after you've pretty much seen all of them twice with English translations.
It's even more fun when you go to the "BIG" meeting, and watch them bring out Ikeda's (I assume it's his) poem in a gold frame wearing actual silk gloves to handle the Dear Leader's WORD (some calligraphy or something). I... I honestly had no idea what to say about that. So I didn't say anything.
But seriously, I looked this stuff up a little after I found out what the organization was called and asked my friends at the college about it. The ones who knew about it immediately told me what it was.
I just wonder if I can help this poor bastard who seems sunk into it to his neck.

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