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Sunday, January 24, 2016

This is beyond me. please explain burkigirl

SGI, in their so called religious entity capacity as an IRS 501(c)3 uses your signature, social security number, CUSIP, NAICIS and whatever registered bonding agent @ your state level to "BOND" you in milliseconds every day. You are worth a fortune on their "cooked" books; regardless if you ever or never participate in their fakkery. Use Uniform Commercial Code UCC-1 filing statement @ your domicile state and Secure Party Creditor (through Secretary of State filing) as "Creditor" in the state where you were born and/or the state you joined. Then, perfect your "Claim" and/or "Lien" through the Securities & Exchange Commission. You will be astounded with the "set-off", "recoupment" "payout" addressed to you with all your personal data embedded in the "REMIC" mortgage of which you are an "Undisclosed 3rd Party Benificiary" to the "Pooling and Servicing" Agreement. There is "NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS" on "FRAUD".

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