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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why renewed interest in this post?

It is your karma to be a menial

SGI's teachings: It is your karma to fight and struggle and give your hard earned money to those whose karma it is to do the same work as you and earn upwards of a half a million dollars a year. Don't blame the Vice Presidents of the SGI for their good karma, look at your own bad karma. Actually, you asked to suffer and they asked to become multi-millionaires to do the exact same work you do for free. Its your mission to be a menial and theirs to be great high paid leaders of kosen rufu. "Voluntarily assuming the appropriate karma". It is your karma to clean community center toilets and barely make ends meet and theirs to send their children to the best schools and to order others about. Lead a karma free life. You are free to support them with your blood and tears and they are free to enjoy the fruits of your labor and laud themselves over you.


  1. A paraphrase of Satori Izumi would seem appropriate here "That they are getting big salaries whilst you are doing it for free as a 'faith' activity is there problem. Your problem is why is this happening to you?" Er...because you let it?...

    1. correction *their problem