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Friday, February 5, 2016

Al Albergate Public Relations Director of the Soka Gakkai is a slanderer according to the teachings of Nichiren

American Buddhist Congress:

Executive Council: Rev. Henry Shinn Ven. Shanti Rev. Kusala Rev. Kang J. Lee Ms. Ramya Gunesekera Mr. Glenn Hughes Dr. David N. Tool Mr. Al Duffy Mr. Al Albergate* Rev. Edward McDonnell Dr. Edward Muzika Ananda Amarawamsa Phoury Chun Le Tan Huynh Thuan Tran, Ph.D. 

"Neither Buddhas nor gods would ever accept contributions from those who slander the correct teaching. Then how can we human beings accept them? The deity of Kasuga Shrine proclaimed through an oracle that he would accept nothing from those with impure hearts, though he should have to eat the flames of burning copper; that he would refuse to set foot in their homes, though he should have to sit on red-hot copper. He would rather come down to a miserable hut with weeds choking the passageway, or to a poor thatched house. He declared that he would never visit persons lacking in faith, even if they hung sacred festoons for a thousand days to welcome him, but that he would go to a house where the people have a mind of faith, even though they might be in mourning for a parent. Lamenting that slanderers have overrun this country, the benevolent gods have abandoned it and ascended to heaven. “Those with impure hearts” means those who refuse to embrace the Lotus Sutra, as is stated in the fifth volume of the sutra. If the gods themselves regard alms from slanderers as more abominable than the flames of burning copper, how could we human beings possibly accept them? If someone were to kill our parents and then try to offer us some gift, could we possibly accept it? Not even wise persons or sages can avoid the hell of incessant suffering if they accept offerings from slanderers. Nor should you associate with slanderers, for if you do, you will share the same guilt as they. This you should fear above all." -- Letter to Niike

*Public Relations Director of the Soka Gakkai

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