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Friday, February 5, 2016

Bernie Madoff and Daisaku Ikeda

Bernie Madoff used to tell the investors who wanted to invest a million dollars, for example, "I don't know you well enough and you don't know me well enough. Why don't you follow what we do with our investments for another year before you invest." or he would tell them, "It wouldn't be such a good idea for you to invest the whole million dollars. Invest just one hundred thousand dollars and if we make you money in a year and you still want to invest one million then I will allow you to invest more money." or he would play really hard to get and wouldn't let people get near to him or speak to him for years, then the investor would be so greatful to finally get to meet and talk to him, he would invest his life savings.

Ikeda and the Gakkai are not much different. They say officially, "No donations are accepted initially, even if you want to do so. After some time you become eligible to contribute to Soka Gakkai. It is not necessary to give offerings but generally members do so out of a sense of gratitude." or they say most disengeuously, "No donations required.. No donations to be made.. No voluntary donations to be made either." Then they have these grotesque May Contribution Campaigns where they practically put their hands down your pants to get into your wallet, saying to the members, "If you have been running into a wall, now is the time to break through. Through this contribution campaign, you can definitely change your karma." or, "You can change everything through your donations, realize your potential, become really happy, and contribute to world peace."

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