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Friday, February 12, 2016

but SGI teaches and acts as if worldly fame and profit is EVERYTHING. I can not denounce them enough.

"How long does a lifetime last? If one stops to consider, it is like a single night’s lodging at a wayside inn. Should one forget that fact and seek some measure of worldly fame and profit? Though you may gain them, they will be mere prosperity in a dream, a delight scarcely to be prized. You would do better simply to leave such matters to the karma formed in your previous existences." -- Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra.

Nichiren teaches, not even to seek "some measure of worldly fame and profit".

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  1. Well put...same Gosho, different section? Probably different translation (SGI WND) but underlines the same point

    "Now, if you wish to attain Buddhahood, you have only to lower the banner of your arrogance, cast aside the staff of your anger, and devote yourself exclusively to the one vehicle of the p.59Lotus Sutra. Worldly fame and profit are mere baubles of your present existence, and arrogance and prejudice are ties that will fetter you in the next one. Ah, you should be ashamed of them! And you should fear them, too!"