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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Does Taisekeji possess any Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon?

"Furthermore, Nikko did leave four authentic Nichiren Omandalas at Kitayama Honmonji where he spent the rest of his life. Those Omandalas were eventually given to other Nikko lineage temples: Myokakuji in Kyoto, Honnoji in Kyoto, Honmonji in Kyoto, and Hokkeji in Kagawa Prefecture. On these, Nikko wrote: “Hanging it up in Honmonji, one should make it the esteemed jewel of the Latter Age.” The reference to Honmonji is most obviously to Kitayama Honmonji and not to Taisekiji. It is also odd that Taisekiji, the other temple founded by Nikko and claimed to be the location of his main lineage by the Nichiren Shoshu, did not receive any of these authentic Nichiren Omandalas. That by itself proves nothing, but it is a curious comment on Nikko’s attitutde towards Taisekiji. Some have suggested that he left Taisekiji and founded Kitayama Honmonji because he did not want to entrust the future of his (really Nichiren’s) teachings to the family of Nanjo Tokimitsu who controlled it as their family temple. In any case, Nikko’s grave is at Kitayama Honmonji and it is oriented not towards Taisekiji and the alleged Dai-Gohonzon, but towards Nichiren’s grave at Mt. Minobu."


  1. If the Dai Gohonzon cannot be independently verified by scholars we will never know. We will have to rely on blind faith if we want to believe that the Dai Gohonzon is what the Nichiren Shoshu priests say it is

  2. Actually, it has been independently invalidated:

  3. Now why doesn't that surprise me. I read about this years ago in Fire In The Lotus By Daniel B Montgomery but none of the SGI members wanted to know about it. I still have it on the bookshelf. Its about time I revisited it again as I have been through many changes since the last time I readit How did you find the Book?