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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Failng to see the sameness of the two

Practicer #1: In May of 1972 Geroge Williams announced to a small group of us at the Malibu Training Center that "Daisaku Ikeda was the re-incarnation of Nichiren Daishonin." BTW....this was in front of Ikeda. This announcement occurred just after D. Ikeda handed me a glass of water to pass around to those that were there, and before, he handed me a pack of cigarettes to pass around.
SGI leader Soren: What's the difference between you saying that and if I were to say "Nichiren Shoshu physically tortures people" with no specific proof?
Practicer # 1: Or that Nichiren inscribed the DaiGohonzon.
SGI leader Soren: Gee, you really CAN'T see any difference between the two, can you? 
Practicer # 2: You fail to see the sameness of the two.

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