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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hey Jim, how many SGI members lost everything and died in the Japanese Tsunami?

From: (Jim Celer, Midwest bureau CHIEF for SGI "Living Buddha" magazine):

"The slanderous acts of Nikken and his followers in Indonesia have driven the Buddhist Gods from the country.

At least 30 NSI active members were badly affected by the social unrest. Some lost their stores and businesses. Some lost their houses or other property. Mobs invaded some of their homes, looting almost everything, including the Gohonzon and butsudan. Worse, one NSI member's Gohonzon was burnt. a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter of one family in Bintan Island were killed by their own employees while the son-in-law was in Jakarta participating in the Vesak Day ceremony. This incident has shocked not only the Indonesians, but was also widely reported in Singapore.  So far we have only received 1 report of incidents directly affecting our members." -- Jim

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