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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Laugh of the day

District Full of Rebels

#13 | Written by BooBoo about 18 months ago.

Dear michaelmichael,

I’m really sorry to hear your experience. I was wondering what region you are practicing in because it sounds a bit like the LA Beach Cities Region. I’ve been practicing for over 40 years and had many frustrating experiences of misguided, ill-trained leaders pushing pubs, contribution, and meeting attendance on new members and youth. Unfortunately, fanatics are hard to avoid in any religious organization.

Fortunately, in our local district, it is a warm, friendly and family like environment full of rebels who won’t take crap from overbearing leaders. They do watch us closely however, but can’t seem to deny our success. Practicing Buddhism in a natural, friendly and and open way seems to work for us. I guess our only way to change the SGI organization is from our district outward. I have good friends all over the country who always support my practice and encourage me no matter what. Most of them are rebels too.

I hope you keep practicing whether in or out of the organization in a way that best suits you. Someday, I hope the leaders will be willing to face the truth and realize the true condition of our organization has everything to do with incompetent leadership and NOT whats wrong with people who decide to leave SGI.

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