“Mr. Toda had told us all: ‘Protect the third president [me]! Protect him as long as you live! If you do so, you will definitely be able to achieve kosen-rufu!’ — AN ESSAY BY SGI PRESIDENT IKEDA STORMY APRIL 24 1979

I looked and looked in the Lotus Sutra and Gosho, examining every english translation but nowhere could I find, “If you protect the third president, kosen rufu will be achieved without fail.” SGI meetings are a waste of time. If we protect the doggy Vodka Putt Putt, we have as much chance of achieving kosen rufu as the 12,000,000 SGI members “protecting” the mentor.

Hmmm, the cult of Vodka Putt Putt? I like that. Let us proudly advance protecting Vodka Putt Putt in order to achieve kosen rufu! There are several ways we can protect Vodka Putt Putt: Seeking guidance from doggy, ie: “Should we walk you before or after Gongyo?”; singing Forever Putt Putt; crying if Putt Putt acknowledges us; creating a Dogcatcher Control Division (DCD) to keep the other dogs away from the Big Dog; Putt Putt meeting with every two-bit dictator and totalitarian [the only difference would be that Vodka Putt Putt practices shakabuku. He would do his business on the dictator's leg or carpet]; naming halls and pavilions after him…The Vodka Putt Putt Memorial Burbank SGI Community Center and Doggy Park; building a Veterinary College to which he will give a long barking address; helping him chase heretical squirrels; and lastly, by his side we will achieve Kosen Ruff Ruff