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Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Cold War


  1. If there is a nuclear war 10 or more nuclear power plants will blow up and it will be the equivalent of 100 nuclear wars The world is already so radioactive from70 nuclear meltowns in the past 70 years, fukushima, and nuclear waste.

    SGI could use new komeito to do something to shut down the mox npp at sendai. When that mox npp at sendai blows, it will be the big horrendous tipping point for a complete dead zone in Japan.

    85% of the children have nuclear induced heart defects in Belarus. Belarus a country of 10 million, was hardest hit by chernobyl This is only 30 years after chernobyl. Think what fukushima is rendering. Very bad karma indeed.

  2. Thanks for the reality check. Frightening. Lets spread Namu myoho renge kyo far and wide and the same faith as Nichiren.