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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nichiren Successor of the Law

"Although it may sound like self-aggrandizement, the following declaration is based on the Sutra: I, Nichiren, have three aspects, which are of significance to all the people of Japan, from the Emperor to the most humble citizen. The first aspect is that of Parent, the second is that of Teacher, the third is that of Messenger of the Sovereign The Sutra states: [he is] 践 the messenger of the Buddha',  [he is] 奏 the eyes', and also [he is] 奏the sun and the moon'.  Chang'an comments, 践 he makes it possible for an offender to be rid of evil, thus behaving as a parent to the offender.'....

I committed myself to the point of being beheaded, determined to let Shakyamuni, Taho and all the Buddhas of the Ten Directions consider what they should do about it. This behavior went beyond the contributions to Buddhism of both T'ien t'ai and Dengyo, surpassed Fukyo Bodhisattva's practice of propagation, and equaled the offering of Aryasimha, a level of offering that had been unmatched since his time; thereby my name was added to the Successors of the Law, changing the number from twenty-five to twenty-six." -- Reply to Shimoyama

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