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Friday, February 5, 2016

Proof that we are not a cult

We are scriptural Buddhists.


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  2. The scripture says this (depending which sect it comes from)but it has many connotations depending on ones understanding. I feel like I am a Nichiren Buddhist hybrid because I cant identify wholly with any of the sects but agree on some of the aspects that they all share and don't share.
    My inner peace guides me to what I settle with for now

    I just can't go along with "because so and so said this so it must be true" because none of us really knows who really said what unless we have a time machine and even then it could be delusionary.

    WE are the judge and jury, its our decision and we decipher what Nichiren is saying in the Gosho by whatever means is at hand which will hopefully make some sense to us. If the written scripture creates confusion then we should find another way of looking at it until it becomes coherent

    I can honestly say with a clear conscience that it is fine to agree to disagree on what we think Nichiren says without becoming self righteous and condescending of others views that don't agree with ours. Nichiren may appear this way to some folks when he was refuting other sects but rather he is being firm

    It is a wonder the leaders from the other sects don't at least put their views forward in this blog with you. Are they too lazy,arrogant, proud, scared, incompetent or do they think that you are too unreasonable and fanatical. We all deserve an explanation of what it is that they believe in through dialogue, that the Gakkai forever harps on about but becomes deadly silent when it comes down to putting their words into action.