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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Senior Leader sweating profusely though smiling broadly

Member: I've been reading the Gosho.
Senior Leader: Oh, very good.
Member: It says in many Gosho that we should revere the Gohonzon as the Ceremony in the Air, the transmission of the Daimoku from Buddha Shakyamuni of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth. Could you expound upon this and why do we worship the Gohonzon as the life of Nichiren Daishonin?
Senior Leader: Thats a very good question. Although it is true that that is taught in the Gosho, President Ikeda explains that what is vitally important is that we do our human revolution so that we can realize our happiness and the happiness of others. We do this by chanting Nam Myoho renge kyo to the Gohonzon. This is what the Daishonin meant.
Member: I'm not sure that you answered my question. Why do we consider the Daishonin to be the True Buddha when he refers over and over to Shakyamuni Buddha as the Original Eternal Buddha. If we need to have the same mind as Nichiren to become happy, it seems to me, having the mind of Nichiren as True Buddha is having a different mind than he. I'm confused.
Senior Leader: Please don't worry about it. What's important is to continue to practice with your fellow SGI members alongside Sensei. By following Sensei's guidance, you will overcome your difficulties and become happy. Buddhahood is a state of life full of energy, compassion, and good fortune. It's impossible to imagine right now what our life will be in twenty or thirty years. If you observe a tree for six months or a year, you will not notice how much it has grown but after twenty years you will see that it has grown into a magnificent tree that can withstand even a hurricane. Your question about Shakyamuni is interesting but as Sensei teaches, the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha have lost their power in Mappo. Since we are practicing with the same faith as the Daishonin, you can be sure that you are practicing correctly and will realize many benefit.
Member: Then why did the Daishonin teach that the cause of misfortune was abandoning the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha?
Senior Leader sweating profusely though smiling broadly: We are running out of time and I'm sure we have others who have questions. Why don't you ask Joe Bob your Chapter Chief who just came back from a training session in Japan. I'm sure he can answer all your questions.
Another member: I've been chanting for 6 years. How do I balance my hectic daily life with my activities as a junior group chief.
Senior Leader, [with a sigh of relief] ........ 

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