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Monday, February 15, 2016

SGI's "value creation philosophy" of "beauty, goodness, and gain"

The great irony of the Soka philosophy is that those who promote it, the supposed avatars of Beauty, Goodness, and Gain, are ugly, indecent, and disadvantaged [in the spiritual realm]. We should ask ourselves why they chose Makiguchi's philosophy of Beauty, Goodness, and Gain over Kant's philosophy of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth and why they chose Nichiren Shoshu's teachings over the teachings of the Buddha in the Lotus Sutra and those of Nichiren in his authenticated writings?

Makiguchi and the Soka Gakkai replace truth for gain because of greed [Hunger], ego [Anger], and ignorance [Animality] and, precisely because they have replaced truth with gain, their claims of beauty and goodness is beauty and goodness in name only. Similarly, because they have abandoned truth for gain, they have abandoned cause and effect for gain. By adopting gain at the expense of truth [or gain at the expense of cause and effect], it is easy to see why their devotees have become liars and smiling backstabbers: Their philosophy is one of ends justifying the means. They have detached [or fooled themselves into believing that they have detached] effects from their causes. This is why both SGI leaders and members, instead of reaping the beauty and good from the Lotus of the Supreme Truth, reap the retribution of Hell, Hunger, and Animality in this and every future existence until, of course, they have paid off their heavy karmic debt, again encountered the Lotus Sutra and become its votaries..

They chose the Nichiren Shoshu because only the Nichiren Shoshu [for the sake of worldly riches] was willing to overlook replacing  the truth of the Lotus Sutra with gain. They themselves had already done so more than six hundred years ago with the advent of Nichiu the leper. It is not an accident that like met like to form their unholy union. There is a profound karmic bond between the Soka Gakkai and the Nichiren Shoshu. There is also a profound karmic significance to their appearance in the Latter Day... as a stark contrast to the beauty and goodness of the true votaries of the Lotus Sutra.

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