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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Kanzakis in Italy are not nice people

"You have no idea what I suffered in this association. My name is Stella, I teach letters to San Donato, where the Kanzaki family lived but left some time ago here for mysterious reasons. The Kanzakis are high level SGI leaders for all of Italy. But they literally suck at the human level. In 1990 my best friend (Buddhist) committed suicide because she had psychological problems. I too was suicidal and asked for help for her and me from several members but they treated me very badly. I told them that we wanted to die but totally lacking compassion, Kanzaki avoided me. After she killed herself, I went to a psychologist. I was much better and again I went to Kanzaki to ask for his help for my friends daughter who was entering in the sixth grade. Feeling for her, I asked for help but in return I received insults, malice and mockery. So much so that I then reported the Kanzaki family to the Carabininieri [police] of San Donato. I have many other things to say against this sect."

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