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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Nichikan Gohonzon works?

"I overcame Bell's Palsy in three weeks, not nine months as predicted by my doctors. The Nichikan Gohonzon works!!!" -- Richard SGI member

You must have some unlearned doctors Richard. Most people overcome their Bell's Palsy in a week or two. Jerry "Shinkei" Marcheso, while an independent, overcame brain cancer through a correct faith. SGI picks up on utter ordinariness and makes a big deal of it because there are so few extraordinary benefits in the Soka Gakkai [save, of course, for dear leader's 300 +  bought or cajoled honors and awards from secular fools].

Anyway, Nichiren Daishonin taught that even such "miracles" as overcoming brain cancer, let alone Bell's Palsy, pales in significance to faithfully practicing as the Lotus Sutra teaches.

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