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Thursday, February 25, 2016

This ten year former SGI member never saw a glimpse of humane behavior

I have been in this practice for more ten years and as rightly said, the sgi is a big gimmick. The leaders are so much into themselves that I haven’t ever seen a glimpse of humane behavior, compassion or humanity in them. I now decided to leave the SGI group and pray on my own. The practice which was initiated by Daishonin has not only got diluted but the essence of it totally lost and what is replaced is dictatorship. The leaders are so unconcerned about the existing members and are there making new members. Its like more of any networking group rather than bring about peace to the society. I feel so good to have left the politics of the sgi and its leaders but am unsure if I should give back the Gohonzon. if someone can help me on that , it would be great.


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