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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Watcher and I

Watcher: “It’s very sad, really. I have watched the activity of this blog for a while now. Besides the various, fractured ‘debates’ you have engaged in with various posters, anonymous and otherwise, there is so much here that does harm to the body of the buddha.”

Me: You mean, “there is so much here that does harm to the body of Ikeda and the SGI.” I would appreciate the next time you post here that you are less vague and circumspect. Let it all hang out, if in fact you are concerned about the body of the Buddha. “There is so much here that does harm to the body of the Buddha”, let us see some examples.

Watcher: In each case, you have lost and are lost, wandering the thicket of your own delusion, sinking in the quicksand, slowly succumbing to fictions you have created through hastily cut-and-pasted texts and “experiences.”

Me: I have to laugh at your thinly veiled Ad Hominim attacks. Are you a salaried SGI business suited “priest” who stands to lose from what is written here? Defending these miscreants while attacking me, will not in the least relieve you of your suffering.

Watcher: It has been noted many times that not more than a half dozen people (maybe) are paying heed to this blog.

Me: LOL. The SGI has their Internet Committee who monitors all blogs critical of the Soka Gakkai. Dave Baldschun takes a special interest in this blog [Fraught With Peril Lotus Sutra Revealing the Eternal Buddha Blog] which gets more than 2000 views a day.

Watcher: I have done so because it is my concern for your well-being, your mental health that you, first, do no harm.

Me: I like you. You make me and my readers laugh. Your concern is so overwhelming that you bring tears to my eyes [in a joyful sort of way].

Watcher: Second, that you learn about Buddhism as it truly is and not just funeral Buddhism as practiced by those you have attached yourself to.

Me: Ian MciLraith? Myo is to revive. The teachings of Nichiren Daishonin have been revived. You, by coming here, are actual proof that the authentic teachings of Nichiren Daishonin are alive and well.

Watcher: The truth lies within the thicket that you slash at with such violence and myopic brutality. It is already in you, you can find it Mr. Rogow, just try.

Me: Thank You Watcher but we take our guidance from Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin.

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