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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Young Shirley of the SGI Elementary School Division

“This offer is limited to members in the young men’s division, young women’s division, junior high and high school division and the elementary school division. This offer is not retroactive and applies only to new or renewing subscriptions.” -- SGI World Tribune subscription advertisement

Shirley: “Mommy, mommy, please give me twenty dollars for a World Tribune prescription, please mommy.”
Shirley's mom: “But Shirley, we already have four subscriptions. I have one, daddy has one, your taiten uncle Fester has one, and Ruby has one.”
Shirley: “But mommy, Ruby’s our chihuahua.”
Shirley's mom: “You can have her’s baby.”
Shirley: “But President Ikeda says we should all have our own prescription. We learned that at Elementary School Meeting.”
Shirley's mom: “Ok baby, I’ll get you your very own World Tribune subscription, when you enter the second grade and CAN READ!”

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