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Sunday, March 13, 2016

"And Nichiren considered the theory of Ichinen Sanzen and the Maka Shikan as important to his teachings as the Lotus Sutra itself." -- Stupid SGI leader

SGI is an enemy of the Lotus Sutra. Did Nichiren chant Namu Maka Shikan or Namu Ichinen Sanzen? Namu Myoho renge kyo, the Gohonzon, the Maka Shikan, and Ichinen Sanzen, are all derived from the Lotus Sutra [Myoho renge kyo]. The following passage proves my point:

"Question: Are there any passages that show that Great Concentration and Insight is based on the Lotus Sutra?
Answer: There is in fact a great number of them. I will just cite a few of them here."

He continues:

"If you assert that Great Concentration and Insight is superior to theLotus Sutra, then you lay yourself open to a variety of objections.

Great Concentration and Insight represents a kind of personal enlightenment gained by T’ien-t’ai at his place of practice. But the Lotus Sutra represents the great Law gained by Shakyamuni Buddha at his place of practice. (This is the first objection.)

Shakyamuni is the Buddha of perfect enlightenment and complete reward. T’ien-t’ai gained a stage of enlightenment that did not reach to the first of the ten stages of security; he did not advance beyond the stage of hearing the name and words of the truth, the stage of perception and action, and the stage of resemblance to enlightenment. In terms of the fifty-two stages of bodhisattva practice, he was forty-two stages lower than Shakyamuni. (This is the second objection.)

The Lotus Sutra represents the original purpose for which Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas made their appearance in the world.Great Concentration and Insight represents a personal enlightenment for the revelation of which T’ien-t’ai made his appearance in the world. (This is the third objection.)

In the case of the Lotus Sutra, Many Treasures Buddha attested tothe truth of the sutra, and all the emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha who had come to the assembly extended their long broad tongues upward to the Brahma heaven as proof of their agreement. The Lotus Sutra is the great pure Law of which Many Treasures Buddha says, “All that you have expounded is the truth!” [and the emanation Buddhas agree]. Great Concentration and Insight is simply T’ien-t’ai’s exposition of that Law. (This is the fourth objection.)"

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