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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chasing Ikeda's fat bottom

"Jim, can't you see that you are following some Japanese guy like he's greater than Shakyamuni Buddha or Nichiren Daishonin? Everything in SGI is centered around him and people are led to believe that without his "divine" guidance everyone will be lost and confused. Even if one were to suppose that he is worthy of respect, no one's opinions are that flawless, let alone his. Ikeda's guidances have made quite a few U-turns in the past. I'm sure that at each turn everyone in SGI was drooling over them. With this guy there's no guarantee that whatever you think the true message is, it won't change 180 degrees tomorrow and y'all will be constantly chasing his fat bottom, crossing your fingers with hope that he knows better than even Nichiren Daishonin. Can't you see that you are a member of the Ikeda cult? It boggles my mind!!!" -- Bo Fugen

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