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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daisaku Ikeda is abandoned by the Buddhist gods

"When Pres. Ikeda comes here, he stays in a hotel, not in a Holiday Inn -- It would have to be a place with a little more security -- he has to be protected from nutcases such as yourself." -- SGI leader

Like Shakyamuni Buddha in India who, despite his many enemies, was known as The Buddha of Absolute Freedom? Like Nichiren Daishonin on Sado Island, in Kamakura, and on mount Minobu, who was opposed by the entire Japanese nation composed of tens of thousands of ruthless samurai? Were Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren surrounded by armed bodyguards, dozens of special STK, dozens more Sokahans, and crowd watchers while also requiring the security forces of the 5 star hotels? Ikeda needs all these security forces because he has been abandoned by the Buddhist gods. Unlike Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin, Ikeda can not move freely through the Threefold World. Shakyamuni and Nichiren had the sun, moon, stars, and a handful of adherents to protect them.


  1. Spiritual protection is essential, especially in this age of terrorism.

    Read these:

    ISIL has vowed to only increase the intensity of their acts of torture and murder. It is a spiritual warfare.

    Sent you an email, Mark.

  2. Daisaku Ikeda is a corrupt being that failed in destroying the sacred doctrinal tenets of Nichiren Shoshu. He and his followers deserved to be excommunicated for their manipulation of Nichiren Shoshu temples who were unfortunately blinded by money, prestige and SGI memberships. Soka Gakkai is nothing but a cancerous tumor that have now been fully removed from Taisekiji Temple, and for that we are eternally grateful to all the Buddhist gods especially my favorite Fudo Myo.

    May thunder and lightning struck all SGI members should they ever attempt to poison our sacred doctrines ever again. Money and wealth is not the barometer of happiness! Lesson learned, never again!

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  5. Mark says that the germaphobic Donny Trump stays at Holiday inns, Ha. When is the last time Ikeda toured? Get over it; move on."May thunder and lightening ..." Better to be an atheist than to be superstitious.

    1. Then get off this blog and go join the Atheist blogs. The X button is right up top.

      Or Are you enjoying your therapy fix by harassing and trolling Buddhist articles and Nichiren topics? Why don't you go away and find better purpose for your time, rather than wasting it among us who don't give a rat about your opinions. Admit it. You like reading our comments and discussions because you enjoy the popcorn. Another self-serving hypocrite that hides under the banner of atheism. Please.

    2. i hardly enjoy but admit being afflicted with remaining attachnents to Nichiren's teachings. And then there's the part of me that hopes you'll awaken. I have no idea what you mean by hiding under the banner of atheism. Please.


      It will do you a dose of well being., that way you can remove your weird obsession about Daisaku Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai.

    4. ohgee, Nichiren Buddhists (just like other types of Buddhists) are either non-Theistic or Theistic. While Buddhism is often portrayed as non-Theistic, there is a large number of Theistic Buddhists, some of which may be Nichiren Buddhists.

      According to the following source, most Buddhists across the world (and most Buddhists in America, especially) are actually Theistic:

      I am Theistic, so is Dirham (and Mark, if not mistaken). That being said, the concept of G*D in Buddhism is certainly not the same as in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

      Buddhism stems from Hinduism (which can be polytheistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, monistic, agnostic, atheistic or humanist).

      In Hinduism, Ishvara is the Supreme Cosmic Being, manifested as Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. In Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha, Father and Mother of all living beings in this saha world, could be seen as being part of G*D.

      The main point, though, is we see G*D as being inside of us, rather than outside. We seek enlightenment inside of ourselves, so I guess that still makes of atheistic to some.

  6. Dirham, don't you see the irony of your statement:

    "Nichiren Shoshu temples who were unfortunately blinded by money, prestige and SGI memberships."

    So what you are saying is that Nichiren Shoshu had become corrupt and failed. But the priesthood prime purpose is to protect the "sacred teachings", let's not forget that NSSGI was a lay society of NS. So you are saying that the priesthood and the High Priests failed in their one and only role. How can it be that someone who inherits the lifeblood of faith and the "specific transmission if the Law" can become that corrupt and fail in their duty?

    You're doing a great job of undermining NST and it's inheritance. If I were to guess, I'd say you were an SGI troll, it's just the type of stunt that a desperate media savvy, manipulative organisation would pull. Whatever, you're both cut from the same cloth. You deserve one another, you're both complicit with each other. Your believers on the other hand, that's a different matter, nobody deserves to be mislead, manipulated and used. I feel sad for those many good people and the mire you've dumped them in.

    1. You accusing me to be an SGI member is disgusting, but completely untrue. I shudder to even think, but you people are so good at slandering everything nowadays.

      Slander the high priest, slander the Dai Gohonzon, slander the Nichiren Shoshu traditions, slander this slander that. We can see right through you charlatans.

      Again, you are WRONG. Devoted and PROUD Nichiren Shoshu member here. 2 year member of SGI and now home in NST forever and loving it. Our members love the Nichiren Shoshu and abhors everything that Soka Gakkai teaches and stands for. We don't deserve Soka Gakkai, that is why High Priest Nikken Shonin finally purified our school from that impostor Daisaku Ikeda and we are happier and more truthful, either take it or leave it. We don't need to please the world or your whim so we can get in good graces with any slimy organization. And I feel sad for you trolling our religious beliefs because we have the nerve to claim authority and correct Buddhism than your Soka Gakkai favorite show. If I were you, I'd take a dose of reality and kick rocks. You are doing no benefit to anyone by making false accusations that I am an SGI member. Fake Buddhists like you will do anything to slander others, the perfect life condition of a savage.

    2. Judging by the way you behave, you wouldn't last a nanosecond inside a Nichiren Shoshu temple. Please stay away from our sacred temples. You are not deserving to learn our doctrines and more importantly, you are not deserving to see the Dai-Gohonzon, after all your slanderous attacks against it and it's NST priesthood.

      So Don't ever come near a Nichiren Shoshu temple. Do us all a favor and REMAIN in Soka Gakkai, where I'm sure you will be much happier. Better yet, join one of those American Independent Nichirenites so you can begin to enjoy Xerox copying market Gohonzons or put them for sale on eBay, maybe even begin your own cult rivaling the great Sokoto Daisaku Ikeda. Don't even be a Buddhist, just join the Hare Krishna club.

  7. Dear Dir ham

    Do have permission from your high priest to be speaking this way about your religion to the world

    If you dont and they found out your identity you may be praised or get your ass kicked because you have been saying some unkind things or are you repeating what they say

    1. Ha haha. I am just Sick and Tired of these stupid SGI members who come to our Nichiren Shoshu temples and have no respect for our religion. They think they can offer money to get a Honzon scroll without piety or respect! We don't need your money donations, you people don't even have Gojukai and We are NOT Nichiren Shu OK?? And we don't do that Buddhist Occult Witchcraft stuff either, you weirdos.

      Now we have to spend an extra hour teaching new Soka Gakkai members proper Sutra pronunciation and Gongyo because of their Abracadabra Gongyo SGI style and wrong chanting speed. If it weren't for our kindhearted Nichiren Shoshu priests asking us to be patient and compassionate with these people, I would not spend an extra hour every Saturday teaching these SGI members correct doctrines and proper Gongyo! These Soka Gakkai members don't even know what Juzu beads represent and what is the correct way to hold them in their hands but they think they are qualified to read Gosho and interpret the Sutra on their own version!

      And plus you have these cretins on the Internet slandering the Dai Gohonzon because they lack respect for others. That is my frustration. Soka Gakkai members, you people are nothing but headaches and a present burden. Please go away!

    2. "I am just Sick and Tired" - you said it Dirham! It shows in your postings.

      What you probably need is a Phantom City where you can rest, recover and re-energize, gather your thoughts and then continue on your way.

      I wish you well in your recuperation and on the next leg of your journey :)

      Be safe and be well - you'll get there, eventually we all do :)

  8. Thanks Dirham, I think what I'm doing is pointing out to you how you are coming across. Why would a "proud" Nichiren Shoshu member come into this forum, make a laughing stock of their temple and demonstrate the results of such spiritual teachings? Why would they expressly attack SGI members when NST has explicitly withdrawn from doing that? Who benefits from you actions? Not Nichiren Shoshu for sure, Nichiren Shu aren't bothered, so that leaves SGI, who are desperate, disintegrating, cunning and manipulative. Nichiren is their direct competition and much as I don't agree with Nichiren Shoshu or their beliefs, in my experience at least the were more focussed on Nichiren and spiritual practice. So yes, if I had to guess I'd say it's highly possible for you to be SGI posting as Nichiren Shoshu.

    "And we don't do that Buddhist Occult Witchcraft stuff either..."

    Don't you?

    "These Soka Gakkai members don't even know what Juzu beads represent and what is the correct way to hold them in their hands"

    "you people don't even have Gojukai "

    Err...actually I do and so probably has Mark, Noel and Greg.

    "Soka Gakkai members, you people are nothing but headaches and a present burden. Please go away!"

    You may read Gosho but you clearly either haven't read enough of it or understood it. Nichiren simply wouldn't make that statement nor would he advocate that in his followers. Its not hard it doesn't require "interpretation" Nichiren is pretty explicit about it, right the way through and then there's the small fact of his life story.

    So tell me again, if your not SGI, not Nichiren Shu, not independent. Just what sect are you? Because I find it really hard to believe your Nichiren Shoshu. Your tone, style and lack of understanding is out of step with all the NST believers I've come across in recent times and iys out of step with the new direction NST has decided to follow...evangelical Christianity perhaps? ;)

    1. Soz for typos especially "your" when it should be "you're".

    2. Brilliant deduction my dear mud pie boi It does have the motives for being an sgi troll as we know what terrible lyers they are from our own experiences and the testimonies of many good people here at eagle peak

    3. What's gojukai got to do with it when we have a genuine Gohonzon Lotus sutra gosho
      All else is heresay

    4. I don't have to convince you or anyone of my membership. I answered your false accusation and if you don't believe or like it, I could care less.

      I don't have a reason to play footsy footsy or play superficial comments. I said I what I meant and I meant what I said. You just don't like it because it's raw and blunt, well too damn bad so go kick rocks.

    5. Why would I come into this forum and demonstrate my comments?

      Because I can. Because I own a beautiful iMac and because I'm Sick and Tired of SGI members who come to our Nichiren Shoshu and cause 100% headache to educate and correct their crooked Buddhism. It's exhausted my patience and I'm using my raw blunt comments to vent. I chant enough but it's cherry on top to type out feelings especially when I have to come across ignorant comments like you people slandering the Dai Gohonzon. That's why.
      And then you come acres and falsely accuse me of being a Soka Gakkai member. Are you F crazy? My assistant priest was right, you people definitely belong to the loony bin.

  9. When I said Buddhist occult witchcraft. I was referring to the Nichiren Shu sect you dimwit.

    And when I said Gojukai, I was referring to Soka Gakkai members who come to Nichren Shoshu who attend our Buddhist Seminars and intro meetings.

    They DONT have Gojukai. I wasn't even talking to you and you respond the hell out of nowhere, are you that obtuse? Does Tom Dick and Harry have Nichiren Shoshu Gojukai? Hardly. Go back to reading that self-help Gosho before you harass one my comments.

    1. Dirham you're really funny, you do make me giggle.

      I'm well aware of what you were referring to, which is why I turned it around...maybe you could read my post properly, or is your retina screen playing up on your beautiful Mac...

      I revise my opinion with your "Assistant Priest" reference lool your defo. a troll and most probably SGI :)

  10. out of all the nichiren sects and sub-sects that have been exported from japan over the last 600 years, none have followed what the eternal buddha taught in the lotus sutra, nor have they followed what nichiren really taught. nichiren did his best to open the eyes of the japanese people, but the best he could do was to create a poison drum relationship with the lotus sutra and the eternal buddha and the buddhas emissary for the latter age - nichiren. nichiren identified with bod fukyo. for those who have studied enough to know what the never disparaging chapter is about(the poison drum relationship and the path to buddhahood). of all the sects, nichiren shoshu and its child the sgi are the worst. their slander is the deepest. they can't even chant the daimoku correctly. this is really bad karma. one should study what nichiren had to say regarding japan and the people born there. then it will make sense. in this saha world, unfortunately, or, fortunately the first stage of the spread of the medicine(myoho renge kyo), or the essence of the lotus sutra is the poison drum relationship. dirham, you need to deeply and throughly study what nichiren actual taught. go past what your false priests teach you. little by little your eyes will open.

    1. Yeah, some foreigner like you with a self-appointed Internet degree on Nichiren Buddhism created out of a self-help hobby would have the Shameless audacity to the tell the High Priest of NICHIREN SHOSHU and its followers that they chant Nam MyoHo incorrectly.

      You are to be reminded that NST is the sole guardian of orthodoxy and pure doctrines and essential teaching. If you want to correct Soka Gakkai alteration of incorrect Buddhist chanting go ahead. SGI is not the child of Nichiren Shoshu, they were only a lay group in ONE of the smaller temples inside Taisekiji don't you forget. They are disowned forever and they will never never ever get to see the Dai Gohonzon, and neither will you.

    2. "You are to be reminded that NST is the sole guardian of orthodoxy and pure doctrines and essential teaching."

      No dumbham. The Lotus Sutra, writings of Nichiren, and those who actually have faith in the Lotus Sutra and practice as Nichiren actually taught in his writings are the guardians of orthodoxy and doctrines of the Essential Teachings. The Nichiren Shoshu and SGI are the heterodox bastard step children of the leper Nichiu and the Great Destroyer of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism, Nichikan.

  11. WRONG! Soka Gakkai does NOT chant Daimoku correctly, and that is not even touching their carnival Abracadabra Gongyo style which is a total comedy. Those SGI members wouldn't know the difference between Hiki Daimoku and normal Daimoku if their animality depended on it.

    Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu does chant MyoHo Renge Kyo correctly, but Nichiren Shu practice demonic magical Wiccan style Buddhism, they belong with the Catholic Pope and his interfaith meetings at Assisi. They are just as incompetent as Soka Gakkai. You can lump the Independent tools also, they don't know what the hell their doing either. A bunch of MUMBO JUMBO DAIMOKU.

    1. Dirham, could you please ask your priest to give you citations from the showa shintei nichiren daishonin gosho to support your points?

    2. OK I will try, but we are very busy helping to prepare stupas for this weeks memorial ceremony. Many people are applying for Toba and our temple is very overwhelmed. It's getting too much, but Taisekiji is sending more NICHIREN SHOSHU priests now from Japan. But thank you for your prayers.

    3. Looking forward to that...prefer to see the originals in Nichiren's hand. Any chance? ;)

    4. Looking forward to that...prefer to see the originals in Nichiren's hand. Any chance? ;)

    5. dirham, you will get no argument from me on the absurdity of ikeda and the nichiren shoshu of american/nsa/soka gakkai/ sgi. they are completely corrupt and they are total poison. however, the teachings of the shoshu priesthood are just as bad. heads or tails it is ugly slander. whats this foreigner garbage? don't be stupid. i have a very long history with nichirens lotus sutra buddhism in this country, and i know the teachings very well. i have read good translations of gosho's in nichirens hand and can assure you that neither sgi/nst/shu practice correctly or have correct faith. if you , with an honest heart, study what nichiren actually taught, unfiltered by anyones biased opinion, you will conclude that none of these sects are ok or even close to the real teachings. like the ikeda cult(sgi), you very well may be too far gone(brainwashed), however, you owe it to yourself to seriously check this matter out. otherwise, consider yourself warned. again, regarding this matter, please don't be stupid. cheers.

    6. dirham, please keep in mind that there are many gosho used by the sgi and nst that are not in nichirens hand and many are considered phonies by independent historians/scholars. beware.

    7. dirham, also keep in mind that nichiren taught that without faith, practice and STUDY there is no buddhism. he's talking to you. its your responsibility. best wishes.

    8. And to thatbMudpie boi you have made me accumulate bad karma and anger by your STUPID and FALSE slanderous accusation that I am present a Soka Gakkai member. You deserve no response from me, as I have said for the 500th time you have ZERO credibility. Stay the F away from Nichiren Shoshu temples, we don't want your atheist kind here poisoning our teachings. You are not worthy to be called a Buddhist, let alone a human being. I hope you get reborn as a worm a thousand times for slandering the Dai Gohonzon----which you will NEVER see in your lifetime. Dead rodent!

    9. Thanks Dirham but your karma is your affair, only you are in charge of your causes. Difficult to master the mind isn't it? That's why I say I'm still learning...the clue is in the name :)

      As for "Dead rodent" well that's quite possible isn't it? I've been many dead things, the trick is never to get attached, always connect with the Law and to use each life most appropriately...

  12. I left Soka Gakkai to follow my heart by following the One and Only Dai Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary and I have absolutely NO regret doing so.

    I do not miss or nostalgic any meetings in SGI, not a single bit. Our priests have been very truthful, consistent and BLUNT about Nichiren Shoshu doctrines and I gladly and willingly accept them all. The sangha is the priesthood ALONE and not the entire community. Soka Gakkai Buddhism is dirty, poisonous, weird and rottenly CORRUPT. The Nichiren Shoshu priesthood hides nothing, they tell you upfront and if you don't like it, then go back to SGI or go back to Nichiren Shu or the Catholic Church or wherever the Hell you came from. We are Free from the Soka Gakkai organization and our doctrines have been repurified. If you do not accept the priestly interpretations of the Nichiren Shoshu priesthood then stay away from our temples and stay away from our Sacred Doctrines. We don't bother you so don't bother us. And we are not interested in your independent movements either, you people don't believe in the Dai Gohonzon. I know exactly what I am saying and I know exactly what I believe in. I said meant and I meant what I said and there isn't an ounce of "Brainwashing" here. I am a Nichiren Shoshu member, not a Soka Gakkai one. We have brains and reason we use them, unlike you people who take joy and fulfillment in poisoning our sacred doctrines. Peace out!

    1. "I left Soka Gakkai to follow my heart" - But your heart seems not to have left the SGI. Whether your body has too? You seem very keen to establish your credentials is an NST believer and it's notable, of all the easily found and recent threads on NS, this is one of the only ones your are responding to. Iys also the thread that questions your actual allegiance and is the thread you're putting so much effort into. Are you really sure you've left SGI? An ex SGI members who doesn't want anymore SGI members to follow their hearts, to follow your path. How odd...

    2. "And we are not interested in your independent movements either" - Well you seem quite interested, very interested in fact. Why would you be here? Oh out of disinterest, silly me!

    3. "the sangha is priest alone", umm, your priesthood or anyones priesthood? according to nichiren the sangha is "nichiren and his followers".
      "if you do not accept the priestly interpretations of the nichiren shoshu then stay away". sounds like a dictatorship and a little sgiish. how about chant a correct daimoku, follow nichiren and put your faith in the lotus sutra?
      the priesthood hides nothing except what nichiren really taught.

    4. sorry wrong place. this is for dirham below.

  13. apparently dirham lives in the world of hell and anger and does not know the teachings of buddhism. apparently his priests are too busy to do shakubuku. the truth always comes out. good luck dirham.

    1. No I'm not in Hell or Anger. I just don't like fakenees and you bunch are. Really.
      We can agree to disagree on the doctrines but you self-appointed independent Nichiren Buddhists sure act like the Indiana Jones of the Lotus Sutra. You're not.

      You people are JUST LIKE Soka Gakkai. Lacking in doctrine, lacking in piety, lacking in respect and lacking in religious devotion. The modern day daibadattas is what you are. Kishimojin rules your world. You people will Never succeed in destroying or poisoning the purified doctrines of NICHIREN SHOSHU. I used to hate Nikken Shonin but now I value him as the great purifier of our NST doctrines. Daisaku Ikeda is forever expelled and that dreamy Sokoto position will NEVER come back. You want a democratic style independent Nichiren Buddhism? Come check back after a million lifetimes.

    2. And we don't need your money, we don't need your dirty donations, your non-member contributions. We don't need Ikedas honorary degrees or any of that material crap and social prestige.

      The universe will provide Kosen rufu without tampering our most Nichiren Shoshu holy doctrines. We have the Dai-Gohonzon, the Nichiren documents, and all the protection of the Buddhist gods along with Shakyamuni and Jogyo Nichiren so we have nothing to fear or to change. After you independents die off in this world, nobody will carry your teachings or carry the purity of what you believed in. Not even Jizo bosatsu can save you people. So Good Riddance!

    3. Thanks to the Mystic law, Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren, the doctrines have been preserved for perpetuity. One after another of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth will come to take faith in, practice, and study the teachings long after the DaiGohonzon has turned to dust and the Nichiren Shoshu has merged with the corrupt Nichiren Shu.

  14. dirham, you do live in the lower worlds, you are weak in your understanding of the teachings, and you are afraid of everything and especially the sgi. anger and fear are the same coin. continue secretly to read this blog and maybe you can learn something worthwhile. ikeda's an asshole and he's making really, really bad karma for himself. he thinks he's holy too! goodbye.

  15. I have no interest in further reading this blog. The reason why I started commenting was because one of you clowns posted insults against the Dai Gohonzon. Not cool. But whatever this is America.

    Reading this blog is a source of POISON and people slander and make false accusations (I am a Soka Gakkai Member??? Really? WTF). You people have no credibility no matter how pure your intentions seem to be. You want to convert me in abandoning my NICHIREN SHOSHU doctrines, not gonna happen. You want me to abandon my belief in the Dai Gohonzon? Not gonna happen. You want me to betray our good loving good holy priests? Not gonna happen!!!!

    There is a reason why ALL YOU peacocks are no longer attached to your respective groups and organizations----because you cannot live within the boundaries and doctrines of religion. It's true and we can all admit it.

    Well I CAN and I and many Nichiren Shoshu members are genuinely happy with our Buddhism. If you don't like it, too effing bad. Ikeda is still around, you better kiss his àss before he drops dead and gets reborn into another criminal. Oh universe you are so full of infinite wisdom!

    1. Dir ham

      Before you drop out and since you declare that you are not an SGI Troll but a sincere genuine NST member could you please find out for me from your priests if you don't already know yourself why the SGI's Nichikan Gohonzon that was made by a NST high priest inscribed a 7 world Gohonzon instead of a 10 world Gohonzon that I imagine the Dai Gohonzon would be.

      Isn't the high priest supposed to transcribe a complete copy of the original

      I have never been able to receive satisfactory explanation for this. I can only go on what Nichiren says in this Gosho "The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon"

      I feel it is more than just coincidental that the number of this Gosho is the same as the 101 Denpo Gohonzon on an authentic Japanese Nichiren Gohonzons site is the same as I have and is the favourite amongst independents through out the globe

      The Denpo is the first on this link

      Did your current high priest include all the ten worlds in the latest transcription or did he omit Devadatta, Asura and Sharihotsu like Nichikan did in the SGI's Nichikan Gohonzon.

      So far I have found the digital media more reliable than other sources for revealing what is and isn't and making it possible for me to download a complete 10 world authentic Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon, what could be better than that. Thanks for your contribution and hope that it has helped you in venting off a build up of unwanted steam

    2. NO I'm not in the mood anymore to continue this stupid discussion.

      You are all trolls. The whole lot of you. You are all filthy demons and I don't wish to waste my time. I'm already freaking offended someone called me an Soka Gakkai member by that asshòIe. Go find someone to help you with your damn Goshos I don't care anymore. Good luck

    3. "The whole lot of you. You are all filthy demons" but I thought you said I was a "dead rodent", I was just getting used to that idea, now I'm a "filthy demon"...hmm maybe I'm now a "dead filthy demon rodent" - I'm sure there's a manga out there somewhere with that character.

      Good luck to you too Dirham, take care and be well buddy :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. "I'm already freaking offended someone called me an Soka Gakkai member" - Me thinks he doth protest too much.

      "by that asshòIe" - it can be really uncomfortable to remember the oneness of life and it's environment but doing so at least gives us some chance of doing something about what we find there. Good luck with dealing with yours. :)

    6. "Go find someone to help you with your damn Goshos I don't care anymore." - equals: "There aren't any Goshos that support my points but I don't care."

      But we knew that already! ;)



  16. dirham , you are no different then the lowly gakkai. they can talk all day about their cult leader but they cannot have a legitimate discussion about the teachings of the lotus sutra,nichiren, or real buddhism. you parrot the die gohonzon, or your cowardly priesthood, but when it comes to the real teachings you cannot. you should be ashamed of yourself. now go run and hide.


  17. Rissho Anakokuron / On Establishing the Correct Teaching
    for the Peace of the Land

    "The Great Collection Sutra says: “Though for countless existences in the past the ruler of a state may have practiced the giving of alms, observed the precepts, and cultivated wisdom, if he sees that my teaching is in danger of perishing and stands idly by without doing anything to protect it, then all the inestimable roots of goodness that he has planted through the practices just mentioned will be entirely wiped out, and his country will become the scene of three inauspicious occurrences. The first is high grain prices, the second is warfare, and the third is epidemics. All the benevolent deities will abandon the country, and although the ruler may issue commands, the people will not obey them. The country will constantly be invaded and vexed by neighboring nations. Violent fires will rage out of control, fierce winds and rains will abound, the waters will swell and overflow, and the inhabitants will be blown about by winds or swept away by floods. The paternal and maternal relatives of the ruler will join in plotting revolt. Before long, the ruler will fall gravely ill, and after his life has come to an end, he will be reborn in the great hell. . . . And the same fate will befall the ruler’s consort, his heir, the high ministers of the state, the lords of cities, the village heads and generals, the magistrates of districts, and the other officials.”

    The passages I have quoted from these four sutras are perfectly clear—what person in ten thousand could possibly doubt their meaning? And yet the blind and the deluded recklessly trust to distorted doctrines and fail to recognize the correct teaching. Therefore, throughout the empire these days people are inclined to turn away from the Buddhas and the sutras, and no longer endeavor to protect them. Because of this, the benevolent deities and sages abandon the nation and leave their accustomed places. As a result, demons and evil spirits bring about disasters and cause calamities."

    "The cause of so many calamities is wrong thinking., but especially the most prevalent is wrong thinking"

    Daniel B Montgomery author of Fire in the Lotus 1991

  18. Unless you want to try to make some case for theism as found in Avatamsaka (first 21 days), I can find nothing in Buddhism to validate a theistic perspective. I have not studied all the sutras but have a general understanding.

    Praying for protection, appeasing gods by burning paper currency at memorials, praying for benefits, jews swinging chickens around their heads in "day of atonement," are a few examples of superstitious practices.

    The following is a time capsule of Buddhism during the time of the Buddha. He taught small (expedient means) and Great Vehicle teachings (middle way and going among people) Sorry, can't see any theistic doctrines.

    after attaining Buddhahood,
    the first 21 days He taught the Avatamsaka,
    the following 12 years He continued
    by teaching the Agama,
    and then eight years when He taught the Vaipulya,
    Then came the Prajna period,
    gradually moving into the Great Vehicle teachings.

    "The Agama for 12, the Vaipulya for 8, the Prajna for 22 years and the Lotus-Nirvana for 8 years in sum. But first the Avatamsaka for 21 days."

    In the Agama Sutra, it states:
    They relinquish grace and affection,
    renounce the lay life and practice the Path,
    nurture and control all Roots
    and remain undefiled by external desires.
    With loving-kindness for all,
    they cause harm to no one.
    Encountering happiness, they are not joyous.
    Encountering suffering, they are not sad.
    They are firm in patience like the earth.
    Thus, they are called sramanas.

    Practitioners of the Two Vehicles
    were satisfied with attaining only a little,
    so they called it the ultimate.
    Thus, by having the lay disciple Vimalakirti
    teach through scolding them,
    He made them feel shame for the Small
    and admire the Great.
    This was known as the Vaipulya period.

    When the Buddha taught the Vaipulya, He began teaching experimentally. "Let me try teaching the Great Vehicle to these people with limited capabilities." He did this for eight years. So, in the Vaipulya, He taught the Great and Small Vehicles together.

    In the Vaipulya period and continuing throughout the Prajna period, He began teaching the principle of emptiness. "Emptiness of self" or "emptiness of ego" [talks about how] this body of mine, this "I," is empty.

    Unable to relinquish limited aspirations,
    they have yet to develop great capabilities.
    So, from the Agama through the Vaipulya period,
    they spent 20 years engaging in the practice of
    the Small Vehicle teachings,
    realizing the fruit of Arhatship.
    Thus it says, "He kept him clearing manure."
    [Lotus Sutra, Chapter 4 - Faith and Understanding]