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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Don't dirty your robe"

Nichiren Shoshu priest [actual statement]: "Tell them to prove what they say. What they say is ...(essentially) stupid [about the inauthenticity of the DaiGohonzon]....Don't dirty your robe to try to prove anything to them." 

Reply: Can you imagine Nichiren saying: "Don't dirty your robe"? He would have said, "Risk your life if you have to. Prove to the world that the Supreme Object of Worship is the DaiGohonzon of the second year of Koan and the DaiGohonzon only."


  1. We don't need to prove the Dai Gohonzon to ANYONE. This is America and there is freedom of religion.

    You can slander, libel and hate on the Dai Gohonzon you want. The fact is that the lay people Love and admire the Nichiren Shoshu priesthood. And we as members know their solemn vow to protect and preserve the dogma and doctrines of Nichiren Shoshu. We do not need Ikeda's money, his honorary awards, or the false illusion of SGI memberships. This is vanity and arrogance that tramples our Nichiren Buddhism by exchanging wealth, materialism and membership in expense of tampering our sacred doctrines.

    If you don't want to believe in the Dai Gohonzon the don't. It's your existence, not ours. If Soka Gakkai thinks they can own Nichiren Buddhism by modernity and whitewashing, boy are they in a BIG surprise. I dare Daisaku Ikeda transcribe his own Honzon scroll, he has been contemplating it for years and we know it. Like I said many times before, we have the Dai Gohonzon and the Nichiren documents in custody, without he Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of the Essential Teachings, Daisaku Ikeda is NOTHING and Soka Gakkai is lower than the Buddhist dust!

    1. You are a self-righteousness authoritarian why should we trust you, either put up or shut up. You think that what your priesthood says is beyond reproach. You are no better than the SGI in this respect. You are both like peas in a pod

    2. freedom of choice, but not free from the choices you make.

      consider yourself corrected.

    3. freedom of choice, but not free from the choices you make.

      consider yourself corrected.

    4. I don't consider myself corrected. You are the one who is gravely mistaken. You cannot censor people from making choices which are guaranteed by the constitution for the free expression of religion in the United States. Your opinion is simply that, an opinion in the virtual world of Internet. You have NO POWER over the thousands of NICHIREN SHOSHU believers who sincerely adhere to the doctrines of NST. Furthermore, Soka Gakkai is officially expelled out of Nichiren Shoshu and the votaries of our priesthood have vowed to death to never let anything leech into our territory again. So accept that fact and find another religion if you dislike Nichiren Shoshu, we don't need you either and we certainly give no value to your mortal opinions. Keep out!

  2. You can't prove the validity of the DaiGohonzon so, by necessity, you have to opine, "We don't need to prove the Dai Gohonzon to ANYONE"

    The DaiGohonzon Is a Fake:

    1. Any Nichiren related article, whether his body relics or bodily assortments during his lifetime including his so-called Gohonzons are all subject to debate, criticism and academic questioning of its authenticity.

      You placing an extremely weird focus on the Dai Gohonzon and it's authenticity as made by Nichiren smells 100% insecurity because it is the one source of power aside from the Nichiren documents that Nichiren Shoshu holds so dearly in order to validate its ministry.

      Fact is, Nichiren Shoshu chose their doctrines over the vision and mission of Soka Gakkai and they succeeded and survived. We tore down that ugly excuse of a sacrilege called Sho-Hondo and rescued our most precious relic from possible danger or desecration. More importantly, we fired Daisaku Ikeda from his post as Sokoto and completely expired his position for the future protection of our most sacred tenets and doctrines. Nichiren Shoshu and its Buddhism can exist in this world without Soka Gakkai, and if that means being poor like before the Second World War or not being as wealthy like the Soka Gakkai then we as lay members and NST priests would want that. Better that way than to have wolves in sheeps clothing like the Soka Gakkai whose mission is to eradicate monastic and religious Buddhism. F that!

    2. My, my, how ironic! Nichiren Shoshu who goes so far as to claim the DaiGohonzon as, "the One Great Secret Law" and "the source of power of all Gohonzon" criticizing others for "an extremely weird focus". All we are asking for is one iota of proof of its authenticity.

      Embracing the DaiGohonzon, the source of Pure and Perfect Enlightenment and the means of attaining Buddhahood in this very body, it should be easy for you to refute our arguments against its authenticity and primacy. However, even Nichiren Shoshu's most "enlightened" and "brightest minds", Nittatsu Shonin and Josei Toda, failed terribly. I think you and your priest, in your heart of hearts know that you have even less of a chance of overcoming our arguments, thus forcing you to state: "We don't need to prove the DaiGohonzon to ANYONE" and "Don't dirty your robe to try to prove anything to them."

    3. Absolutely, it's like arguing with mud and stooping down to imbecile discussions.

      You will never accept the Dai Gohonzon and that is OK. God bless America. Now live and let live.

      You will enjoy more popcorn by destroying Soka Gakkai. You have no clue how many SGI members are have been receiving since November who have had their normal lives destroyed and "curses" which we can only attribute to their false modern doctrine and lack of faith in the Dai Gohonzon. It is the perfect reason why we don't want money from perverted Buddhisms, including Soka Gakkai. Our financial blessings to the priests are more than sufficient. Wealth is not the barometer of true happiness. Shakyamuni, NICHIREN and Lotus Sutra with the priesthood is all we need.

    4. No Dirum, this is what smells of insecurity:

      "Any Nichiren related article, whether his body relics or bodily assortments during his lifetime including his so-called Gohonzons are all subject to debate, criticism and academic questioning of its authenticity."

      The difference is that Nichiren Shoshu won't let independent academics near it's copies of the Gosho it rests it's doctrine on. That's insecurity.

      By claiming that these writings are in some way sacred, it keeps outsiders out, conveniently ensuring it's priesthood and High Priest can claim anything they want.

      Again this is not Nichiren's approach. He welcomed independently judged debate. The documents he rested his arguments and doctrines on where freely available to those who might oppose him. In a nutshell, he wasn't scared, he wasn't a coward and had nothing to hide.

      Nichiren Shoshu seems to have dumped loads of occult, mystical witchcraft over Nichiren's Buddhism, trampling it whilst perversely revering him as the True Buddha in the process.

      This is where SGI learned the trick it is currently trying to pull off with Mr Ikeda and its "Mentor" mumbo jumbo - if you want to gain ultimate control of your followers and make them dependent, elevate the founder figure to a mystical status and keep control of the sacred texts that teach about this mystical figure. Ensure your priesthood is the mouthpiece and intermediary with that mystical creature, if possible is seen to be at one with it.

      It's what Catholics did with the Pope, NST has done with Nichiren and now SGI is attempting with its 3 Presidents but especially "The Mentor" - Daiseku Ikeda.

      It keeps priests in a job (and makes them prone to the temptations of money, power and influence, as you yourself have already said Dirham), it gives them a very good living and status and it keeps the enthralled, beguiled believers ensnared and dependent. In that respect SGI is exactly a chip off that old rotten block.

      NST has a 700 year head start though, they've had centuries to perfect their puppetry and kabuki skills and they've got the elements of history and tradition to sell their illusion.

      SGI are media savvy and can employ psychologist, brand and business consultants, ads and marketing executives. NST loved that skill when they got access to it just as much as SGI loved what NST had to offer.

      It was a marriage made in hell that enabled both to get their grubby paws on more than they could have possibly hoped for. That's why it fractured. Both wanted to control the dirty pile and fell out when it became clear that neither could.

      Arguing over the loot whilst the Law comes a knocking. It's the oldest cause of criminal failure in the book. The only difference is that these two did it in ugly sanctimonious tones and with no regard for the Belibers that might get hurt in the process (like handing out thousands of Gohonzons to people of little understanding, not takeing care of them and causing them to slander the Sutra)

      Its got zero to do with religion and freedom of religion but everything to do with wanting freedom to manipulate religion and take advantage of its tax breaks.

      Yes God bless American, what happened to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" when NST and SGI got together to lead innocent people down a path to unhappiness in the pursuit of grubby organizational gain? You forgot that bit Dirham. But then you'd rather quote the Constitution than the Declaration of Independence that led to it...lool even I know that and I'm not even American

    5. Did you not just accuse me in the other thread that I was a Soka Gakkai member? And you were proven WRONG.

      If that's what "independent academics" mean to you, keep it, because I'm sure as hell NOT interested. The only consistency you have is drawing False assumptions, false accusations and False conclusions.

      You have zero credibility.

      Go back to accusing me of being a Soka Gakkai member with ulterior motives, that's where your LOL should belong to.

    6. Since you're on that topic of what the Roman Catholic Church did... Boy, believe me I am WAY more educated on that subject than you are.

      Why don't you ask the Pope to certify those bones of Saint Peter discovered near the Clementine Hall. Let's see if the Church will allow your "independent academics" to get nearby. You people only know one thing and that is SACRILEGE. You and Soka Gakkai, that's what you have in common; Desecration you piece of an Impious excuse of a human being.

    7. And by the way, your extreme display of ignorance is showing:

      It's MASTER and DISCIPLE

      NOT mentor and disciple you babbling parrot. We see this foolishness displayed by stupid SGI members who come to NICHIREN SHOSHU on a weekly basis. Their ignorance and complete delusion is simply jaw dropping. Seems you are the same way as well. Try telling your mentor and disciple to the Shingon Buddhists and see what they say back to you. HAHA and more HaAha.

    8. At the end of the day it boils down to one thing and one thing only.
      NICHIREN SHOSHU is the legitimate owner and custodian of the Dai Gohonzon and the priests are the caretakers of the Nichiren documents and there is nothing you can do about it.

      You have NO power over the thousands of believers of Nichiren Shoshu or any of its temples. You have NO power to destroy the NST doctrines and you are incapable of preventing thousands of members to do their Tozan pilgrimages and take refuge and devotion in the Lotus Sutra as interpreted by Nichiren Shoshu alone.

      Before you make another false accusation that I am an Soka Gakkai member and I'm sure many more false accusations, you have ZERO NADA WALA ZILCH NANI MO credibility. Have a pleasant day and I hope you enjoy your precious golden years in Soka Gakkai, please don't come by one of our temples, we don't want your burden or liability, STAY OUT!

    9. A typical cult members. All they can do is bull bait [ad hominim] and fail to address the issues.Why don't you address the numerous points made by mudpie and why would you cite the Catholic Church while defending the Nichiren Shoshu? Your cult is pitiful.

  3. Sorry Doris, I accidently deleted your post:

    "ALL of us in the SGI are "old friends of life", "old friends across eternity", precious beyond measure and linked by bonds from the `beginningless' past. We have treasured this world of trust, friendship and fellowship. How sad and pitiful it is to betray and leave this beautiful realm! Those who abandon their faith travel on a course to tragic defeat in life. ... IN our organisation, there is no need to listen to the criticism of people who do not do gongyo and participate in activities for kosen-rufu. It is very foolish to be swayed at all by their words, which are nothing more then abuse, and do not deserve the slightest heed." - SGI President Daisaku Ikeda,from,

    SGI leaned well their lessons from the [Not]-Nichiren Shoshu.

  4. The same is true of any religious claim in this world.

    The basis of faith requires a level of faith, and thereby a lack of proof taken on faith.
    Could you proof Transubstantiation? Could you proof Marian apparitions? Can you prove the existence of the Ark of the Covenant?

    My opinion regarding the Dai Gohonzon is based on Nichiren Shoshu longheld Doctrine, and Soka Gakkai corrupted this Buddhism by turning it into a simpletons hotbed for sacrilege. I'm glad you have an opinion that the Dai Gohonzon is fake, but you are both very wrong and very mistaken.

  5. Not according to Nichiren Daishonin. The way to evaluate any phenomena, philosophy or religion is through the Three Proofs.

    The first proof is documentary proof. The phenomena, philosophy or religion must exist through matter, energy and/or ideas. An example of a phenomena is a rock, an example of a philosophy is the Critique of Pure Reason by Emmanuel Kant, an example of a religion is the religion based on the Lotus Sutra. We know that these phenomena, philosophies and religions exists. It has been documented that they exist.

    Theoretical proof means that the phenomena, philosophy or religion can be evaluated by reasoning or scientific evidence. A rock has a certain weight, composition, structure etc. that can be measured. The Critique of Pure Reason can be evaluated through science and other philosophical works as to its classification(idealism), its structure(epistomology), its development etc.

    Actual proof is the function of the rock, that it can be used in weights and measures, used to knock down an attacker, or ground up to become an abrasive. Regarding religion and philosophy, actual proof is the measure that a philosophy or religion can change the individual or society.

    There is no proof, documentary, theoretical, or actual of the authenticity of the DaiGohonzon but their is irrefutable documentary, theoretical, and actual proof that it is a fake.

  6. Your word carries no weight or authority for the thousands of Nichiren Shoshu believers. The authenticity and the veracity of the Dai Gohonzon is attested in both faith and documentation in Nichiren Shoshu history. Your claim that it is a forgery is simply an opinion, one that holds no water among the devoted believers of Nichiren Shoshu.
    You are not the High Priest of our religion, and we are blessed to have removed the cancer called SGI.