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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Feel free to criticize Nichiren in the SGI

"I would like to conclude with a phrase that I formulated only as a question, namely, the problematic of both. Luther ends, as already stated, with this attitude toward the Jews not only completely unacceptable to us, but also to his contemporaries. Nichiren ends with an exclusivity over other Buddhist schools, which was unacceptable not only to us from today’s perspective, but already many of his contemporaries: so exclusivism and absolutism. Maybe that is the danger in times of tyranny, when the discourse of peaceful confrontation becomes impossible."

Feel free to criticize Nichiren in the SGI


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  2. This institute doesn't believe in karma and reincarnation/rebirth. How can they be trusted in any thing they say about Nichiren as it is blatantly obvious in the Gosho that Nichiren does. They are wrong in their pacifist blurb which is totally hypocritical to what the Gakkai is doing with its Bankers and political affiliations that want the ill gained profits from war to fill there their bottomless coffers

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  4. Too right Mark and Jewelled Glow! To which I'd observe on this:

    "in times of tyranny, indeed very clear and unambiguous action and probably even exclusivist actions may be necessary. However, this cannot be transferred to a time in which people can hold dialogue and learn together in the discourse of friendly acceptance."

    Firstly the false assertion that somehow unambiguous and exclusivist actions cannot be transferred to and are not applicable in a different context. You don't not shout a warning to your child who is just about to run out into a busy road just because you were having a friendly dialogue with them a moment before! The clear unambiguous action you take is in response to the danger to their life, it has nothing to do with your note general relationship, although if your a good parent, you'll probably follow up and explain more calmly once the danger has passed, although even then you might do so in stern tones initially so it lodges firmly and they take more care, especially if they are on their own.

    Secondly, sometimes there is only one right way to understand something. Crossing road with busy traffic travelling at speed equals death or serious injury. It's the Deer Park story, one can debate at which point the life exits the deer shot with am arrow or we can follow the Buddha's example of clear unambiguous and exclusive action and go remove the arrow, alleviating the animalcs suffering and perhaps saving its life.

    Then there is the cosy illusion that we live in a world where friendly dialogue is the global norm. Just tell that to the people living in repressive regimes or Isis held territory. Better still try engaging them in friendly dialogue that challenges their world view.

    Do we really have all this time to meander around the point in a world that is now entering rapid and irreversible climate change (man made or not doesn't really matter), increasing desertification, increased competition for basic resources, whilst at the same time simply continuing to live in the ways we have? Do we really have that luxury? Do our kids and grand kids? I don't think so!

    Just aside from the poison of Anger, expressed in war, it would seem little consideration has been given by these particular "Oriental Philosophers" to the poison of Greed, which in itself betrays the endemic and rampant poison of Ignorance amongst that bunch of Oriental Philistines.

    I'm all for reasonable debate and together finding the right answers but as WW2 demonstrated, appeasement has its limits.

    Something tells me this is more about the SGI sponsor of this Institution not wanting any robust debate about it's phoney teachings rather than the spirit of respectful dialogue it so often bangs on about but so rarely puts into practice as an organisational entity.

    Just tell NST about the SGI practice if open honest and respectful dialogue, or George Williams or any of it's excommunicated Independent Reassessment Group members for that matter!

    Can't stand hypocrisy, in myself iys bad enough, in religious organisations O have zero tolerance. Practice what you teach or don't teach it at all and certainly don't set yourself up as a Mentor or a pure organisation fulfilling a noble mission.

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    1. what ikeda and the ugly cowards of the sgi did to gmw and the irg shows the sgi's ugly true nature. certainly not buddhism. the culties layed down for it and williams and the rest crawled off to their comfortable hole. for sure they threatened williams. i had a conversation with one brian potter(of sgi song fame) circa 2006 where williams basically begged for support to help him get his organization back. over on the gmw/gakkai Facebook page, with all the culties phony, lovely-sweet memories of gmw's greatness it would appear gmw died a victorious, happy man. hardly. truth: scared and lonely. and the members snore on.???@#$%?

  6. They hate the real Nichiren. As Nichiren stated,

    "No matter how much they chant, everybody who has hatred for Nichiren, first must fall to the Unremitting Hell; after immeasurable kalpas, having become the disciples of Nichiren, they shall attain Buddhahood." (Kyôô gozen gosho, STN, v. 1, 687)