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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Josei Toda's and SGI's abject arrogance

"At this time, the Buddha serenely arose form his meditation and addressed Sharihotsu." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 2

Toda begins his lecture on the Second Chapter of the Lotus Sutra with:

"The first sentence of the Hoben Chapter means: At this time of Mappo, the True Buddha ...emerged in Japan as Nichiren Daishonin and addressed the people of Mappo". (p47) 

According to the Soka Gakkai, the correct way to read the Sutra is Toda's way, not Nichiren's way. This is abject arrogance.


  1. I went on my own personal quest to find a Gosho reference to support this "teaching"; that Nichiren is the Original Buddha, because I never got anywhere close to a decent explanation for it. But I did get royally chewed out when a senior SGI leader overheard me remark to another member;

    "I think Nichiren is AN original Buddha, NOT, "THE Original Buddha" ...

    Despite what this leader accused me of, I was dead serious-- and apparently absolutely correct.


  2. Too bad [for them] you will no longer be around to make them uncomfortable.