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Friday, March 4, 2016

Lets help Kasho Buddha

Compelling Evidence That The SGI Does Not Practice Nichiren Buddhism

#1 - Although I resigned my SGI membership 11 years ago I occasionally will attend the Saturday morning Men’s Division Gongyo Meetings for no reason other than I miss chanting alongside others.

Upon entering the main Gohonzon Room one finds it adorned with the following:

1. The United States Flag (not a problem).
2. 3 SGI Flags
3. 2 posters promoting the SGI-USA Men’s Division Meeting
4. Photos of all three SGI Presidents
5. A banner encouraging Kosen Rufu

Nowhere in the room is Nichiren’s name found nor the word “Buddhism”!!!

#2 – EVERY Nichiren Sect holds an annual Commemorative Gongyo Meeting referred to as the Otanjo-e Ceremony honoring Nichiren’s Birthday on February 16th. And while the SGI failed to honor Nichiren on his birthday this year, they did hold 2 Commemorative Gongyo Meetings to honor SGI President Daisaku Ikeda: one in August to commemorate his joining the SGI and a second one on 2/28/16 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ikeda’s establishing the Men’s Division. 

So the SGI-USA honors Daisaku Ikeda while neglecting and ignoring the founder of the Buddhism they falsely claim to follow, that of Nichiren. 

I am currently writing a book entitled “The Truth About Buddhism” in which I am titling one of the chapters “Compelling Evidence The SGI Neither Studies nor Practices Nichiren Buddhism nor the Lotus Sutra” 

Yes, Ikeda is constantly quoting Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra but I shall prove him to be a hypocrite: He is ALL TALK & NO ACTION!

In a few months I shall return to this site to ask former members to provide their reasons for leaving the SGI in order to publish some of those in my book. In my opinion the SGI operates more like a profit-making business than a religion. Daisaku Ikeda is The Pied Piper of Buddhism! And the only reason he has 12 million members is because those people are too lazy to read the “Gosho and Lotus Sutra and simply believe everything they read in the SGI publications.

A few weeks ago I quoted Nichiren to then Administration Vice President Clifford Sawyer and he said he was unfamiliar with that quote. It came from a Gosho which the SGI deems to be one of Nichiren’s 10 most important. He was shocked when I told him I has read all 412 Gosho published on the SGI website and I asked, “Why haven’t you?” Mr. Sawyer has since been promoted to the #2 position in the SGI-USA as Vice General Director. How can the SGI claim to practice Nichiren’s Buddhism when they appoint leaders who are unfamiliar with Nichiren’s teachings???



  1. Thanks Mark. I wish to congratulate you on such an Extensive Blog here. I've been copying many of your posts to send to my Kindle for me to read while on the Tread Mill or Bus. Problem is I've been here already for 6 hours! It take me months to read some of these great posts. Thanks for all of your efforts.--KASHO

  2. Mark, in 1979 (before my time), there was supposed to be a 700th anniversary of Nichiren's inscription of the Dai-Gohonzon, and as usual a big to-do was planned ("culture festival" or some such), but it never materialized. One of my sources says it's because the Jonestown suicide/massacre was just the year before and people in the US were suddenly skittish about cults. Do you have any idea why 1979 was an NSA no-show in the US?

  3. "Daisaku Ikeda is The Pied Piper of Buddhism! And the only reason he has 12 million members"

    Dude, Ikeda and the SGI have been claiming the same 12 million members worldwide since at least the mid-1970s. The world population has almost DOUBLED since then, yet SGI is STILL claiming the same number of adherents. Can you spell "stagnation"? Can you write down the recipe for "cooking the membership books"?

    "Even though we are relying on extremely generalized estimates of membership, it is apparent that the Gakkai, which should, by its own conversion figures, possess at least 13 million members, has effectively lost two-thirds of the number converted." - from James W. White's "The Sokagakkai and Mass Society", 1970, p. 60.

  4. Not really. But one place you might look is ARBN [alternate religion buddhism Nichiren] and type in 1979.

  5. Nichiren foresaw the coming of Ikeda and wrote about him in a Gosho:

    “When an evil ruler in consort with priests of erroneous teachings tries to destroy the correct teaching and do away with a man of wisdom, those with the heart of a lion king are sure to attain Buddhahood. Like Nichiren, for example. I say this not out of arrogance, but because I am deeply committed to the correct teaching.
    ...Although I, Nichiren am not a sage, I am equal to one, for I uphold the Lotus Sutra exactly as it teaches.”

    Letter From Sado, WND P302

    Ikeda is the evil ruler and Nichikan (26th High priest) is the priest of erroneous teachings but because I am a man of wisdom I have been able to attain Buddhahood!


  6. Or just as equally Kasho, Nichiren might have simply talking about the situation he found himself in at the time and referring to the struggles he faced as a votary if the Lotus Sutra.

    I'm glad though that you've attained enlightenment, now what are you going to do with it? The Lotus Sutra tells us that Buddhas appear in the world for one reason and one reason only.

    Your actions will show the rest of the world whether you are indeed a Buddha or simply one of the many egos that remain firmly in the seventh consciousness, benighted by the eighth consciousness but who have deluded themselves into thinking they have attained what they have not attained.

    It's a perilous path as the likes of Mr Ikeda demonstrate only too well...

  7. I do not hold dialogs with ANONYMOUS people who do not have the courage to identify themselves. Surely you must be a current SGI member who is oblivious to the fact that Ikeda is a Charleton & Fraud who is either ignorant or Buddhism or knowingly lies to his members about it.

    In any event, you may read about what I have to say in my forthcoming book, "THE TRUTH ABOUT BUDDHISM".

    1. Kasho,there can be many benevolent reasons why people don't give their names such as protecting their families from harm. For example a mentally disturbed SGI member that believes that they are doing it to protect Buddhism. What anonymous has said to you is for you own good they are giving you sound advice that should be appreciated. Only our benighted ego's can stop us from seeing clearly

  8. ANONYMOUS--You should know that I was kicked out of the SGI Headquarters at the direction of the General Director himself for no other reason than my having quoted NICHIREN & Shakyamuni to fellow SGI members!