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Friday, March 18, 2016

Mitsubishi kills them and SGI buries them

The following from anticult.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Soka Gakkai are a perfect match. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries say they are going "Green" and a partial weapons list is below.

The difference with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and SGI, is when MHI tells their "Greenwashing" lies, no rational person is going to believe them, and understands its just corporate propaganda to maximize profits and to try to distract some of the general public who don't pay attention.

But with SGI, they try to hide behind "religion" but also work very hard to distract the public from the facts of reality.

Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), CONTRACTORS

Activities/Services Commercial and military helicopters, military aircraft, aircraft engines, guided missiles and defence electronics. Satellite and space systems...
* Air-Launched Rockets
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Beyond Visual Range
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Within Visual Range
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Anti-Ship
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Direct Attack
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Stand-Off And Cruise
* Analysis
* Analysis - Air-To-Air Missiles
* Analysis - Air-To-Surface Missiles
* Analysis - Automatic Grenade Launchers
* Analysis - Bombs
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Development
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Service
* Analysis - Gun Pods And Mountings
* Analysis - Guns
* Analysis - In-Service Combat Aircraft And Their Air-Launched Weapons Capabilities
* Analysis - Mines And Depth Charges
* Analysis - Rocket Launchers
* Analysis - Rockets
* Analysis - Torpedoes
* Analysis - Worldwide In-Service Combat Aircraft
* Bombs - Cluster And Dispenser Munitions
* Bombs - Precision And Guided Munitions
* Bombs - Unguided
* Contractors
* Glossary
* Guns - Integral And Mounted
* Guns - Podded Systems
* Underwater Weapons - Mines And Depth Charges
* Underwater Weapons - Torpedoes
* Underwater Weapons - Unclassified Projects

There are actually reports of SGI and Mitsubishi misdeeds, as well as reports that SGI's main financing bank is The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. Of course, the problem is SGI keeps all of their finances secret, so only Ikeda and his family know where the money is, and where it went.

"In March 1990, a swirl of accusations over a mysterious transaction involving the Soka Gakkai, the Mitsubishi Corp and two Renoir paintings in which nearly 1.5 billion yen had gone missing."

"The organization operates five cemeteries in Japan through a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corps. In May 1991, Soka Gakkai paid 640 million yen in profits from the sale of gravestones over the three year period ending in March 1990."

The spying charges against Soka Gakkai International France, which claims 152,000 members, were further detailed in a recent issue of the Shukan Bunshun. Quoting the newspaper Le Parisien, it reported that a secret network of Soka Gakkai operatives allegedly infiltrated the Mitsubishi group offices in Paris, which were used as cover for intelligence operations. It did not specify whether the secret agents were corporate employees sent from Japan or local hires, or a combination of both.

The above can be found on the Rick Ross SGI forum:,87661,page=516

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