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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nichiren's view is clear, unequivocal, straightforward, unambiguous, indisputable, incontestable, incontrovertible, unmistakable, certain, undeniable, manifest, and explicit

"The object of devotion as set forth in the “Life Span” chapter is Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, eternally endowed with the three bodies, who since the beginning of numberless major world system dust particle kalpas in the past has had deep and abiding affinities with this land of ours." [1282]


  1. Am I stupid to continue to argue with blind SGI and NST idiots?


  3. “And Purna by employing this expedient means brought benefit to immeasurable hundreds and thousands of living beings, and converted immeasurable asamkhyas of persons, causing them to turn toward supreme perfect enlightenment. In order to purify the buddha lands he constantly devoted himself to the buddhas’ work, teaching and converting living beings.

    “Monks, Purna was foremost among those who preached the Law in the time of the seven buddhas. He is also foremost among those who preach the Law in my presence now. And he will likewise be foremost among those who preach the Law in the time of the future buddhas who appear in the Wise Kalpa, in all cases protecting, upholding, aiding, and proclaiming the Law of the buddhas. In the future too he will protect, uphold, aid, and proclaim the Law of immeasurable, boundless buddhas, teaching, converting, and enriching immeasurable living beings and causing them to turn toward supreme perfect enlightenment. In order to purify the buddha lands he will constantly apply himself with diligence, teaching and converting living beings."

    In one sense the object of devotion is the mind and life [actions]of the Eternal Buddha to save all people:

    "By what shall I cause the masses of beings
    To be able to enter the Supreme Way
    And rapidly achieve Buddhahood?"

    In another sense, the object of devotion is the people to whom we dedicate our lives.

    1. In one sense the object of devotion is the mind and life.

      yes, you might be on to something. Nothing in the Lotus Sutra about establishing an object of worship, no matter how far you reach in the far reaching sutra.

  4. Isn't it implicit throughout the the Sutra ohgee?

    I say this because the Sutra makes continual self referencing statements about "faith in" and "embracing, upholding, reading and reciting" and reverence to Sutra scrolls.

    But you're right nothing explicit about "go and establish and object of devotion". However there are plenty of implicit suggestions that establishing the Sutra as something to be "devoted to", particularly after the Buddha's passing. Does that count?

    1. I do not need a honzon to have reverence or pay respect to the Lotus Sutra. Lord Buddha left nothing hidden within. He first taught the three vehicle dharma, then later brought all back to the tne one true (bodhisattva) path.

  5. No object of worship in your sect ohgee? No altar?

  6. "This sutra" is the object of devotion. The Lotus Sutra is the object of devotion.

    Chapter 21:

    "After the thus come one has passed into extinction,
    this person will know the sutras preached by the Buddha,
    their causes and conditions and their proper sequence,
    and will preach them truthfully in accordance with principle.
    As the light of the sun and moon
    can banish all obscurity and gloom,
    so this person as he advances through the world
    can wipe out the darkness of living beings,
    causing immeasurable numbers of bodhisattvas
    in the end to dwell in the single vehicle.
    Therefore a person of wisdom,
    hearing how keen are the benefits to be gained,
    after I have passed into extinction
    should accept and uphold this sutra.
    Such a person assuredly and without doubt
    will attain the buddha way."

    "This person" is Nichiren Daishonin. He has the authority to teach and establish the doctrines and practice in this degenerate age after the extinction of the Buddha. You would be wise to practice the Lotus Sutra as Nichiren teaches.