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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh really?

"Soka Gakkai members share the same characteristics as the rest of the human race however I would say that they are among the best examples of our species." -- SGI member

"Concerning this web site, I find it to be the most negative and self-destructive piece of trash on the entire world wide web. Your continous slander of the Soka Gakkai will only bring you to the achivi hell of incessent suffering for many kalpas to come. I sincerely hope that Nikken steps down from his high and mighty throne and stands up like a real man and admiits his wrong doings to President Ikeda and the entire membership of the Soka Gakkai. There is only one organization that will be left standing and it won't be the Nikken sect. You have a lot of nerve to call yourselves Buddhist. I would describe you all as dogs wearing the robes of priests. Nichiren Daishonin would SHIT on you and use your faces to wipe his ASS. You may never in all of history be ever praised by the Buddha Nichiren Daishonin for the evil works that you have done to this planet and it's inhabitants. As far as I am concerned if the rest of the adherents of your concepts of what you so slanderously call Buddhism, die, as the ones that have in the past, I would not weap one tear for them. You have made a mockery of the concept of Buddhism. All of the trash on this web site should be deleted from the internet. The Soka Gakkai doesn't slander you so why in the hell should be so defensive in coming at us like you do? It is really strange that Nittasu Shonin died so mysteriously, isn't it? His body wasn't even cold before Nikken took over the Head Temple. He is not the priest that should inherit the position of High Priest. All of the leaders in the Soka Gakkai know this to be true. I am sure that Nittasu told President Ikeda who was legally to be in that position. Nikken Abe is a thief and a liar. He hates all of the members of the Hokkeko and never loved anyone else that was or wasn't a priest. Now all of you who belong to the slanderous Nikken Sect sleep in the same bed with DUNG. I stand by and watch all of the people you have swayed to come over to the temple die, get divorced, become ill, loose their jobs and status in life, their lives have been devastated and completely destroyed because they follow an evil priest that calls himself the living buddha. This is sick and demented. All of Nikken's teachings are for his benefit. He wants you to believe that he is the true buddha, he wants you to believe that everything he tells you is true. It is not, all that he tells you is false." -- Hellen Chinberg, very very proud leader of the kinder gentler SGI


  1. I would have to go no further than citing the language and *disparaging* tone of Hellen's harangue to point out that, in fact, one is likely to find individuals who exhibit the very lowest worlds via their actions and behavior *as leaders* in the SGI. Unfortunately, I have 20 years of experiencing first hand this attitude of having "attained what they can not attain", the role of superior in judging others. So I have to notice that Hellen is propagating the SGIs wrong views , or that my experience was not unusual, but is in fact, the effect of wrong views and wrong speech coming directly from the *kindler, gentler, leaders* of SGI.
    The topics, dear Hellen, should be focused entirely on the teachings themselves and the intent of the Buddha who preached the Lotus Sutra.
    Battles waged from the smaller ego, the non-existing *self* are ALL in the same category, disregarding the True Teaching and the Buddha's intent.
    By definition, slander of the True Law.
    When practitioners do not study the Gosho and the Lotus Sutra, their rhetoric becomes laced with personal, deluded mortal concepts ... and there is nothing to do but refute their attacks by referring them back to the Teachings??

    1. agreed. the history of nichirens lotus sutra buddhism is fraught with what is known, and discourage, as arbitrary opinion and clinging to preparatory teachings. what we see in the world/country is the effect of straying from what has been entrusted specifically to nichiren and in general to those who follow him(sangha). someday we may see the results of what the eternal buddha ordained; take faith and uphold the lotus sutra. today, what we see in the world/country is the slander of it. not good. sgi/nst = worthless. nichiren teaches that everything is a double edge sword. it cuts both ways. the lotus sutra is the medicine, however, misused, it causes a deeper delusion. its good this blog exists.

    2. Thank Greg and how true Katie!