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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Please show me a guidance of President Ikeda that contradicts the gosho." -- SGI leader Jim Cellers

Elaine Conners: Very unfortunately, for the people who trust the President of the SGI. He isn't teaching what Nichiren Daishonin taught. Read about Buddhism and find our for yourself. 

Jim Cellers: SGI leader: I have, believe me I have. Please show me a guidance of President Ikeda that contradicts the gosho.

Elaine Conners: Any guidance that mentions Nichiren Daishonin as the True Buddha contradicts the Gosho.

If that is not enough for you--- then nothing I can say will wake you up because you are in denial or something. (I know because I've gone through what you're going through). At least, try to ask yourself how you would feel (maybe-- absolutely shocked and utterly dissappointed) IF some things came to your attention that, without a doubt, led you to conclude (after much research and inquiry outside and inside sgi by you personally) that something was VERY WRONG HERE. I can tell it really is hard for you to even consider it now. But please take your time to answer your questions until you are really filled with personal satisfaction. This is your life. Don't give it over to anyone... 

Jim Cellers: But I also think we ought to give some credit to the party faithful who really DO believe the same things their leaders do, and are probably very sincere in their passion and enthusiasm.

Elaine Conners: IMHO, I don't think even the leaders sincerely believe in what they are (so eloquently) saying. If each didn't have an agenda, a politician would not get very popular these days. Maybe ethics and morals and integrity boosted our forefathers' political positions, but it ain't those days no more and Lincoln is dead. Sad but true. 

We can't afford to be so naive and trusting. That's why this country is in the mess it's in today. Common people don't choose to see the logical, common sense that the more control over our lives we give to the gov't, the less control and power we claim for ourselves. The "leaders" will represent us, speak for us, protect us, support us, read for us, learn for us, educate themselves for us, get popular for us, get elected for us, get very powerful--and all for us. (Of course they need us to go to war for them, it's the least we could do out of gratitude). Even if you disagree with me, I think you can see the connection. All this because we want, so badly, to trust a leader, believe they are thinking of nothing but each and everyone of us- our well-being is the one and only concern and in their minds night and day. Isn't that how your sgi " friends" and "leaders" make you feel? They made me feel that way too. One used to tell me I was like a sister to her. My dear "friend" who was like a father to me.. So many "solid" relationships... 

Until, I started to ask some very good, logical, intelligent questions. [Questions that there are answers to but some could not be shared for "the sake of unity of the organization" and others had to be twisted around to not contradict something else. Oh, but I thought I Was the organization. Nope, just a slanderer who has no faith in the Gohonzon. Just chant and things will get better in about 10 years. I'm not kidding you. My "sister" and "mentor" doesn't even call me anymore. Like I died. And I never disrespected them even when they directly insulted me while defending sgi. 

The point is... if they really believed in what they were saying, these questions would have been brought up and out into the open---for the members' sakes. Actually, if the entire sgi was "sincere in their passion" to practice Buddhism, it would have told its members the truth about the Dai-Gohonzon and other important elements of Buddhism about 70 years ago. The corruption at the Top is what is manipulating the sincere, trusting, loyal people and misleading them. And because one misled person can cause a lot of damage and suffering to others, it's not only their loss or their problem. We are in this together. 

Jim Celler: but for the most part the organization, I think, is moving in this very healthy direction.

Elaine Conners: I had no bad experiences with the organization and I can honestly say my involvement in it was healthy in many ways, but I had to step outside and breathe the fresh air to feel the difference. I hope you don't give up seeking the truth, for your own sake. Thanks for listening,


  1. "Please show me a guidance of President Ikeda that contradicts the gosho."

    Does this count?

    "If we forget the mentor-disciple relationship, we cannot attain Buddhahood. Nor can we achieve eternal happiness or realise kosen rufu. For it is through the bond of mentor and disciple that the Law is transmitted. Buddhism is the Law of life; and the Law of life cannot be transmitted through words and concepts alone." (Lectures on the Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life - SGI Malaysia 2009 page 115)


    Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life

    "Shakyamuni Buddha who attained enlightenment countless kalpas ago, the Lotus Sutra that leads all people to Buddhahood, and we ordinary human beings are in no way different or separate from one another. To chant Myoho-renge-kyo with this realization is to inherit the ultimate Law of life and death. This is a matter of the utmost importance for Nichiren’s disciples and lay supporters, and this is what it means to embrace the Lotus Sutra."

    Winter Always Turns to Spring

    "The sutra reads, “If there are those who hear the Law, then not a one will fail to attain Buddhahood."

    That wasn't too hard to find...

  2. The work of psychologist Stanley Milgram might also be relevant to the discussion between Elaine & Jim. His famous study on obedience to authority demonstrates:

    "Ordinary people are likely to follow orders given by an authority figure, even to the extent of killing an innocent human being. Obedience to authority is ingrained in us all from the way we are brought up."

    Chilling isn't it? He goes on:

    "People tend to obey orders from other people if they recognize their authority as morally right and / or legally based. This response to legitimate authority is learned in a variety of situations, for example in the family, school and workplace."

    To which one might add Religious organisations with a 'charismatic' "Mentor".

    No wonder Nichiren advocated following the Law not the person.

    The whole article is quite interesting, worth a read for anyone interested in such stuff. Very relevant to the SGI and it's mentor worship.

  3. Fascinating. Agreed that this my be one of the reasons that Nichiren advocated following the Law rather than the person. Also a reason for the correctness of the principle of the transmission through the scrolls [Gohonzon and Lotus Sutra], I believe.