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Friday, March 18, 2016

Response to an SGI Woman's Division leader

"According to the Gosho, it is not Christians who are enemies of the Lotus Sutra. That religion has no power. Shakubuku is meant for heretical sects of Buddhism, which have the power to destroy like the parasite in the lion's bowels. It is absolutely not effective to go around slamming the religion of Christians, Jews, Muslims, other Judeo-Christian or pagan peoples, etc. If that is what you mean by shakubuku. Shoju is definitely appropriate for such people, and darned if I don't know the Gosho passage off hand, but I can find it if you aren't familiar with this concept." -- SGI WD leader

When is the last time SGI took to task the Tibetians, Zennists, True Word, Tendai, and Theravadan Buddhists? Also, could you point out where Nichiren praised the Brahmans, Taoists, and non-Buddhists? He stated that they were even inferior to the Hinayana. SGI sometimes brings up that Nichiren once stated that non-Buddhist religions are an introduction to Buddhism or that they are in reality not non-Buddhist teachings but the teachings of Buddhism itself. He also pointed out that once the pagoda is completed, the scaffolding is discarded.

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