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Friday, March 11, 2016

"SGI has changed. It is much better, much improved".-- SGI Leader

"I can see that you have the SGI rhetoric down pat. You have to look further beyond what you think to be actual proof. The source of the river is where to look. SGI and NST have lied to and misdirected numerous people as to what the real reason for practicing Buddhism is.

It isn't about being perfect, or getting material benefits, or following the guidance of leaders, or paying for World Tribunes which teach one nothing about life. It is about following the Law of the Buddha and the true teachings of the Lotus Sutra in order to become Buddhas ourselves. Stephanie isn't being negative. She is being honest. The source of the river of Buddhism is the Buddha and the Lotus Sutra. It isn't about renegade priests who have disowned the Buddha's true teachings and created a false Gohonzon insulting Nichiren Shonin's true faith, nor megalomaniacs like Ikeda who have distorted what Buddhism is altogether. Its about being on the correct ship to cross the sea of suffering. 

You say "Oh, SGI has changed. It is much better, much improved". I say BS. Putting on another make up job may rearrange the face, but the heart is still black. The source of the river is still contaminated. Nothing has changed." SGI started to realize that they were losing members in great numbers and had to back off and start the pretense of being a gentler and kinder organization. Nothing has changed. Until you can see through the magician's tricks you will continue to be tricked.

Nichiren always spoke the truth about slanderers and ended up being the most hated man in Japan. But in the Buddha's eyes he truly led the way to the truth. If pointing out the errors of slanderers ways connotes negativity, then I am truly negative myself. At least when I die and the Buddhas' come to aid my life, I will be with the Buddha again and revered as one of the few on this planet who had the guts to stand up to the slanderers of true Buddhism. I'm in good company with my fellow brothers and sisters that seek the truth of the Buddha and the Lotus Sutra. " -- Bruce Maltz

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