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Monday, March 28, 2016

SGI's rhetoric and exhibitions of peace ring hollow

In the latest SGI Quarterly, there is an article on a woman fighting to eradicate landmines in Africa. Probably many African landmines are manufactured by SGI's partner Mitsubishi. Either way, SGI's rhetoric and exhibitions of peace and preserving Article 9 at all costs ring hollow for supporting Shinzo Abe and partnering with Mitsubishi. 


  1. All the th hidden secrets that have been hidden in the dark corners of the SGI are now blowing up in their faces for all to see. Finally judgment day has arrived for them where they have to account for what they have done

  2. SGI current GD, Aidin Straus, formerly SGI CFO disclosed a small percentage of SGI USA's financial assets are from their stock portfolio . Setting aside all legitimate outrage around consistent lack of transparency re: SGI USA's financial records , does anyone know what' companies SGI USA. Is cashing in on ?? Or if "The Roots of Good Fortune" has ever been the topic of a SGI Gosho lecture ?

  3. Thanks for posting the Roots of Good Fortune Katie. How apropos!

  4. As the advent of SGI's "Contribution Activity" draws near, it would be appropriate, I think, to reference, " On The Four Stage of Practice"

    "Question: For practitioners in the Latter Day of the Law, who have just aroused the aspiration for enlightenment, what types of practices are prohibited?
    Answer: Such persons are restricted from practicing almsgiving, the keeping of the precepts, and the others of the five paramitas, and are directed to chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo exclusively....if the beginner should attempt to carry out various other practices and the daimoku at the same time, then all benefits will be completely lost." (WND vol. I,p. 786-787)

    The cover page of "Young Lions" insert in the WT , Springtime 2012 was covered with little piggy banks decorated with flowers....


  5. no clinging to the provisional teachings. sgi does not care or even understand this. too bad, but for the japanese, and those that follow them, buddhism has become a business.