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Friday, March 18, 2016

Shakyamuni Buddha is the "supreme leader", "excellent eyes", "bridge", "skipper", "fertile field"

"In the third place, Sakyamuni Buddha is the supreme leader and excellent eyes for all people. He is the bridge that enables them to cross the river of evil passions; He is the skipper who guides them over the sea of life and death; and He is the fertile field in which they plant the seed of merits. The so called Four Sages of Confucianism and Three Hermits of Brahmanism, despite their worthy names, are actually unenlightened men unable to rid themselves of the Three Delusions (all delusions and evil passions). Although their names suggest they are wise men, in reality they are as ignorant as infants, who know nothing of cause and effect. How can we cross the sea of life and death aboard a ship steered by such men? How can we pass through the winding street in the Six Realms of delusion and evil passions over to the world of Nirvana by means of a bridge constructed by such men?" (Kaimoku Sho, Noppa Translation).'

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