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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The bright mirror of the Lotus Sutra and Gosho illuminates the darkness of SGI.

SGI members are the last to know about changes in SGI doctrine and practices. It is extremely bizarre that, when others have known for years about the direction to which SGI was going, the leaders and members denied each and every change with every fiber of their being but once the changes are affirmed by their Sensei, they not only readily accept and laud the changes but state that there are no changes, we have always believed thus. 


  1. That's so true! What's more odd is that members around the globe don't know who makes the decisions on doctrine, don't know how those doctrinal shifts and changes are developed, don't have any voice in that process and they don't seem to care! That's one of the reasons I quit. Looking back, I can't believe myself that I stayed for as long as I did. It's quite scary actually but at least I got something good out of it Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, for that I'll always be grateful but my advice to anyone thinking if joining is don't. Even if they have to chant to a blank wall, better to do that and sustain a pure faith and practice centered on the Lotus Sutra and what Nichiren actually taught than join an organisation that slides ever deeper into confusion and warped ideas.

  2. So true. Amazing that they can't or won't acknowledge the manifest reality of their cult. just goes to show the effectiveness of SGI thought control techniques.