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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Ikeda personality cult destroys the teachings

"But before that, he had revealed his enlightenment in the form of the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, the words of this sutra are indeed the very soul of Shakyamuni Thus Come One. And since every single word constitutes the soul of the Buddha, Shakyamuni Thus Come One will protect those who practice this sutra as though he were protecting his very own eyes. He will accompany them just as a shadow accompanies a body. How then could the prayers of such persons not be answered?" -- On Prayer

In real Buddhism it is the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya who protects us.

Things that make no sense department...see the latest SGI cult video on the "Lotus Sutra":

Now go to the ten minute mark, "...and that's why we have a mentor". This assertion comes out of left field, not following one iota the point of attaining Buddhahood discussed immediately prior. In effect, this is inserting Ikedaism into the Lotus Sutra Buddhism of Nichiren. This is hardly protecting the teachings but rather the action of the personality cult of Ikeda to destroy the teachings.


  1. Or perhaps... asserting the *mentor* is the key to establishing the SGI's claim to being a religious organization, qualifying SGI for tax free status in the U.S.?

    Perhaps the real crisis of being excommunicated by NST involved scrambling to maintain the opportunity to amass great wealth ?

  2. I think that there may have been some good intent involved in salvaging the status of SGI, or at the very least, avoiding the chaos that may have dismantled SGI in the 90's--YET, I cannot reconcile the significance of *adding* a teaching in order to save what was perfect in its own right, especially since arbitrary views and adding on to the complete True teaching were strictly admonished.

    Yes, this must be the result of arrogance and anger giving credence to a belief of superiority in the conception (efforts of Makiguchi and Toda) and purpose of SGI (stated by Ikeda) as an organization.
    I wonder if the Devil of the 6th Heaven is simply our own individual original karmic destiny to be born in the threefold world? The most difficult to believe and understand reason for all of our suffering might be, the delusions of around happiness to be gained in the pursuit of personal gain.

    Think of what some will do to hold on to these impermanent, transient symbols of status and power? Or worse, what they won't do, in the case of Ikeda and the SGI, to uphold what is correct-- to repay their debt of gratitude , the three treasures of Buddhism.

  3. I think it all began with the forging of the fake "super" Gohonzon by Nichiu and the Nichiren as True Buddha doctrine by Nichigen in order reverse the fortunes of the backwater Nichiren Shoshu sect. They changed the teachings, as you said, "for gain".

  4. It shouldn't escape noting that the "gain" coincides with what Nichiren described as "Having the Devil of the 6th Heaven as one's parent"--

    Some of Nichiren's disciples were perplexed by his "lack of protection and dire straights"-- enough so that Nichiren went to great lengths to explain how one expiates his own sins of slander.("Rebuking Slander and Expiating Sins")

    Practice as Nichiren did, to me, has means forbearance and appreciation for the means to carry through - deepening my faith in chanting the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra.

    Funny how the evidence Nichiren pointed to as proof of veering off of the path toward attaining enlightenment (material gain, status in society, etc.),
    has now become the "actual proof" of correct practice by SGI and NST.

    Well, maybe attaining enlightenment is not their goal?