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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lotus Sutra completes the threefold procedure of teaching.

"It is the perfect Mahayana sutra that reveals the Buddha's accomplishment of a threefold procedure of teaching: to give the seed of Buddhahood to his sons, to grow it, and to let it bear fruit. the Lotus Sutra is the most perfect of sutras, because it completes the threefold procedure of teaching. The keeper of this sutra is endowed with the three causes of Buddhahood: the immanence of Buddha-nature, the wisdom for the realization of Buddha-nautre, and the qualifications required for the development of Buddha-nature. All other Mahayana sutras, not excluding the Mahavairocana and the Avatamsaka, which contain some excellent teachings such as of "immediate enlightenment," should be regarded as Hinayana or semi-Mahayana sutras at most, because they do not reveal the threefold procedure of teaching. How could we obtain our seeds of Buddhahhod by clinging to those defective ones?"(Kanjin Honzon Sho NOPPA version) 

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