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Sunday, March 6, 2016

"There is overpowering proof if research is done that the SG is a world-class organization."

Reading Reddit SGIwhistleblowers and their contributor's research and documentation, one would conclude that SGI is a world-classless organization:


  1. I guess it's a matter of where you're getting your research from, isn't it? I mean, SGI has so many loyal little lapdog "scholars" on the payroll who will say absolutely *anything* in praise of Ikeda and his wondrous cult that it's easy to get a bibliography together of just those sources. But that's not the hallmark of integrity in journalism, is it? What can we say of a journalist's ethics and responsibility for seeking truth, maintaining transparency about conflicts of interest, and honesty when they are living out of a cult leader's wallet?

  2. avarice, anger and stupidity = sgi/ikeda.