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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This will surprise you

Number 1 dog fighting country? Japan. 

Champion Yakazuna Tosa Inu dog. Champion fighting dogs in Japan can earn for their owners mid six figure incomes. More humane than in America, a bout lasts 30 minutes and the referee will stop the fight before serious injury. Tosa Inus and American pitbulls are the two bravest and best fighting dogs although others will argue for the power and fearlessness of Kangols and Tibetian Mastiffs. Fighting dogs is deplorable and not countenanced by the author of this blog.

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  1. The late great Vodka Putt-Putt Sensei, the ghetto dog, was an exceptional fighting dog in his prime [youth]. Fearless, though relatively small at 80 pounds, he never lost in a street tussle, not to a Doberman, Bully, Sheppard. or Pit. Many thought that Putt-Putt was half wolf and half Pit. Never however, was the other dog seriously injured. once Putt-putt demonstrated his dominance, the other dog submitting on his back with Putt-Putt at his neck, he would let the other dog run away.At heart, Putt-Putt was a Bodhisattva.