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Friday, March 11, 2016

You may suffer a similar fate to Nichiu in this life or the next.

Ordinary peoples' tongues burn when exposed to fire and others' may become cancerous. Leprosy and bullous disease is associated with slander of the Law. Reality is as it is. It is cause and effect and the teachings of Buddhism. It is very hard to realize that one is a slanderer of the Law. It is difficult to believe that one has met and practices a counterfeit Law because of one's own past slanders. The Nichiren Shoshu and Soka Gakkai teachings are the counterfeit Law for the Latter Day since it is based on a counterfeit Object of Worship and counterfeit teachings. Nichiu forged the Nichiren Shoshu Object of Worship and became a leper. NST and SGI members are no longer innocent or unaware of the reality. Therefore, they are complicit. If they do not repudiate the Nichiren Shoshu, the DaiGohonzon, and the Soka Gakkai teachings, they will suffer a similar fate to Nichiu in this life or the next.

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