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Monday, April 4, 2016

A disciple of Nichiren meets Linda Johnson on the street: "Hi Linda! Here is a passage from Chapter 15 of the Lotus Sutra for you."

"Ajita! Know thou! All these Bodhisattvas,
From numberless kalpas,
Have studied the Buddha-wisdom.
All of them are my converts,
Whom I have caused to desire the Great Way.
These are my sons Who dwell in this [Buddha-] world,
Ever practicing the dhuta deeds,
Joyfully devoted to quiet places,
Shunning the clamor of the crowds,
With no pleasure in much talk.
Such sons as these
Are learning the Law of my Way,
Always zealous day and night
For the sake of seeking the Buddha-way;
They dwell in space Beneath the saha-world.
Firm in their power of will and memory,
Ever diligently seeking after wisdom,
They preach all kinds of wonderful laws,
Having no fear in their minds.
I, [near] the city of Gaya,
Sitting beneath the Bodhi tree,
Accomplished Perfect Enlightment;
And rolling the supreme Law-wheel,
I have then taught and converted them
And caused them first to aspire to the Way.
Now all abide in the never-relapsing [state]
And all will become buddhas.
What I now speak is the truth;
Believe me with single minds!
I from a long distant past
Have instructed all this host."

Waving his hand wildly, the Nichiren disciple says "Bye Bye" to Linda.

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