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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Anonymous SGI lacks compassion

  1. Lol... firstly, I think you might be a little depressed or slightly mental.
    Secondly, I think you need to chant.
    It doesn't matter what any leader is or is not - inc. Ikeda.
    What matters most is what you are doing for your own life and towards a peaceful world.
    Don't worry about SGI. Whether it's a corrupt org or not, is their karma, not yours.
  2. Imagine one of Nichiren's disciples or contemporaries admonishing Nichiren, "What matters most is what you are doing for your own life and towards a peaceful world. Don't worry about your errant disciples, be they practicing Tendai, Shingon, or Nembutsu. Whether it's a corrupt org or not, it's their karma, not yours." You Anonymous lack compassion.

    Why don't you tell us your real name, and a little bit about yourself?


  1. anyone who posts anonymously is weak, has no courage, lacks conviction. don't care what they say. stand up, chest out, use your real name.

  2. "What matters most is what you are doing for your own life and towards a peaceful world."

    Anonymous' attitude and SGI's teachings are too close to comfortably dismiss-- I appreciate this rare opportunity to share key aspects of Nichiren's teachings, that I am quite certain will be new to him/her ; Gosho passages that correct major errors in his/her comment.

    " The false doctrines propagated by the three Great Teachers are in general disseminated from three places...If measures are not taken to prohibit the activities of these three temples, then without a doubt the nation will be destroyed and its people will fall into the evil paths. Although I generally discerned the nature of the situation and informed the ruler, no one has ventured to make the slightest use of my advice. How pitiable!"
    "On the Stages of Faith and Practice", MW Vol. 6, p. 228.

    1) The propagation and practice of heretical teachings, in opposition to or with disregard of the True teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha, and practice of The Buddha's teaching, the Lotus Sutra established by Nichiren is a matter of grave concern with regards to safety and well being of the all people

    " Now if I, Nichiren, insignificant person that I am, were to go here and there throughout the country of Japan denouncing these sanders, then innumerable persons among the four categories of Buddhists who follow erroneous doctrines would in one instance join their innumerable voices in reviling me. At that time the ruler of the nation, allying himself with those monks who slander the Law, would come to hate me and try to have me beheaded or order me into exile. And if this sort of thing were to occur again and again, then the grave offenses that i have accumulated over countless kappas could be wiped out within the space of a single lifetime. Such then, was the great plan that I conceived; and it is now proceeding without the slightest deviation. So when I find myself thus sentenced to exile, I can only feel that my wishes are being fulfilled," "Rebuking Slander of the Law" MW Vol 6, p.56.

    2) Expiating one's sins of slander is the benefit of correct practice in the Latter Day, "Shakubuku" -- this is the practice for attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime. Nichiren was the first true disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha in the Latter Day of the Law; the first to devote his life to upholding and teaching the practice of the Lotus Sutra, the highest teaching preached by Shakyamuni Buddha, was Nichiren Daishonin.


  3. "It is a time when many different sutras and teachings spring up here and there like so many orchids and chrysanthemums, when the various schools command a large following and enjoy renown, when truth and error stand shoulder to shoulder andwhen Mahayana and Hinayana dispute which is superior. At such a time, one must set aside all other affairs and devote one's attention to rebuking slander of the correct teaching. this is the practice of shakubuku." "A Sage and an Unenlightened Man" (WND- p.126)

    3) Upholding the Law and rebuking slander is the means by which one can repay his/her debts of gratitude to:
    1) All living beings,
    2) One's parents,
    3)One's sovereign
    4) The Three Treasures of Buddhism: The Buddha, Shakyamuni, The Teaching- Lotus sutra/Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, The community of believers- Nichiren and his followers.

    "But if one hopes to repay these debts of gratitude, one can hope to do so only if one leans and masters Buddhism, becoming a person of wisdom...If one hopes to learn and master Buddhism, then one cannot do so without devoting time to the task." WND p. 690 "On Repaying Debts of Gratitude"
    (1276, Minobu)

    If you, Anonymous, believe that "it doesn't matter what any leader is or is not- including Ikeda", you have been mislead by teachers who are NOT familiar with the writings of Nichiren ; or have disregarded them as secondary to the pursuit of one's personal goals and happiness.

    If no one received benefit, simply from chanting the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra, SGI would not exist. The power of chanting the Mystic Law is indisputable, however, to simply chant and put no effort into studying the writings of Nichiren; to mock or demean one who is taking Nichiren's teachings to heart and practicing as his true disciple, is a grave offense,

    Was Nichiren's predicament any different? He writes :

    "Throughout the whole of Japan, there is not a single person who says,'Perhaps this man has some reason for his behavior'." WND p, 727,
    "On Repaying Debts of Gratitude."

    How much difference is there, Anonymous, between your attitude, the attitude of the SGI and those people throughout Japan, who mocked and demeaned Nichiren, but never considered or investigated the REASON for his behavior?

  4. Hmm Greg... "anyone who posts anonymously is weak, has no courage, lacks conviction. don't care what they say. stand up, chest out, use your real name."

    So am I weak and lacking in courage and conviction? I hope not and I hope I am consistent and hopefully add to debate. But if others think otherwise then perhaps I should refrain from adding my voice in this forum? Happy to take the consensus view.

    1. Using anonymous or a ficticious name as ones name is the discretion of the user for tactical security private etc reasons and deserves respect because all these reasons can be for a benevolent purpose. What is most important is the truth in what is being said rather than the name of who said it

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    4. noel, is it ok if i disagree? maybe sometimes i will post as greg romero, maybe sometimes as anonymous, or maybe the next time as howdy doodie. upright? maybe, maybe not. but, yes. people are free to do as they please.

    5. Of course it's ok to agree to disagree it's fundamental to human rights called freedom of speech that is sadly wanting in the SGI and other Nichiren sects

    6. Having over a hundred ghost writers over the decades and pretending that what they have written has been done by your own hand like Ikeda has done is anything but upright.

      It's just lowdown deceitful like everything else that the SGI does

    7. well said. my point in bringing it up is not to attack anyone. my hope is that it will cause people to think about what nichiren lived and taught and how the latter age(mappo) has been described. end of story, cheers.

  5. hey mudpie boi, i think you have added much. and i like your chosen name mudpie boi, because i know where it comes from. many would not. very clever. having said that, after many years of having many, many discussions about buddhism via the internet, i find it difficult to respect what is said by someone that hides behind a false name. both mark and i have been called every dirty name in the book. even threatened with bodily harm. usually by some with a false name. i could say anything i want while under a false name. i could say i am a girl, when in truth i am a boy. i could lie as i wish . this is only my opinion and others may not feel the same. over the years mark has taken a lot of abuse for speaking out for the real teachings. if one has conviction, i think, a real name is appropriate. however, i don't need to be right about everything. do as you see fit. these are my thoughts and do not reflect this blog. wishing you the best.