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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another fine SGI response to my post, It is not merely the mechanical chanting of Daimoku that leads to Buddhahood. 

"What an unbelievably ridiculous bug out. Your bugged dude, bugged." -- Eric Toro SGI Senior Leader


  1. I read this post--the entire discussion thread. What an "eye opener".
    Thank you for posting the link!!
    I also found the answers to questions I have left on other comment threads here on your site, in your re-post of the history of NST/SGI by Rev. Shoryo Tarabini. Wow.

    It is notable that there is a strong tone of defensiveness projected by SGI leaders in response to *questions* and a sincere invitation to have dialogue. I have developed understanding of this tone, that I have experienced on a consistent basis, it is the defense of the insensible-- from beginning to end.

    You can start by questioning an action taken by a SGI leader that screams "discrimination". An indefensible act. It will be spun into an *enlightened* response to a *threat* that you, the member could not possibly understand. There is no escaping the moment when the SGI leader discriminates against you, too-- an inferior, karma madden reed who should apologize for questioning the actions of leaders at all.

    The same dynamic that both Etoro and Leguru employed -- and even when directly questioned about the SGI/NST gross divergence from Nichiren's OWN teachings, they adopt an air of superiority, which amounts to belief in the mystic mumbo jumbo Nichikan pulled out of his southern most orafice!
    This explains their defensive and at times intimidating posturing; trying to avoid what they cannot *reasonably* address or actually answer. WHY would direct opposition to Nichiren's STRICTNESS regarding arbitrary opinions and ADDING to the already PERFECT teaching NOT be suspicious??

    Nichiren captures the very essence of our humanity with his emphasis on that which accords with the Lotus sutra and *reason*. There is consistency and flow to Nichiren's teachings that are satisfying for me, a pragmatic seeker of human logic imbued with reason. I literally have a headache just from reading the screechy, preachy, degrading *teachings* expounded by Etoro and Leguru. They would call me a weeny for rejecting their flogging, and claim I ran away from SGI because I am not able to appreciate the pure practice of their sangha. But,hehehe-- I was exiled, excommunicated, 3 times in Boston SGI-- THEY could not handle the *pain* of my flogging? Or so it would seem--

    I absolutely, unequivocally reject the fabricated, forged teachings of the SGI and NST. It is imperative that their transgressions are exposed in the context of deep concern for the misery they have caused. In this regard I disagree with the Nichiren Shu priest, or rather, I believe that true faith in Nichiren's teachings has to encompass rebuking slander in the spirit of compassion for ALL humanity.

    SGI leaders, maybe all the way to the TOP, cannot debate the merits and meaning of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren's teachings. THEY reach their level of incompetence when the divergence *crimes* are exposed. From there on it is obvious that degrading and discrediting their opponent(s) is their only strategy.

    The analogy offered on the linked discussion thread, abut basketball was very intriguing. I would take it to another level and say that when SGI leaders are losing on the basketball court, they set their sights on attacking the opposing, winning team in the parking lot.


  2. Yes. That is the reason for their ad hominem which, in the context of a cult is known as bull baiting.

  3. Hi Mark,

    It did not escape my notice that you were explicitly addressing the behaviors in concrete terms reflecting the grave offense of slandering Nichiren, Shayamuni Buddha ,the True teaching and the believers who are sincerely striving to practice correctly. Clearly, you became the target of the most mean spirited ad hominem attacks from the SGI leaders.

    "There will be much hostility aroused toward this sutra, and it will be very difficult to believe..."

    So, it seems that for some, the karmic tendency to respond to the teachings of Nichiren on a negative emotional level is what causes them to reject the teaching itself. And all of the PR that sells what SGI is calling , Nichiren Buddhism, is, in fact just a means to increase their membership --

    SGI is no more a religion than Scientology.

  4. They hate Nichiren, the real Nichiren. They select from Nichiren what they like and discard the rest.